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Similarity Index & Plagiarism In Academic Research Journal Article & Second Language Writing


What is an acceptable percentage of similarity index and plagiarism in academic research journal article & second language writing? A thesis is an ultimate product of university students in order to graduate while journal publishing can add value to the researchers, scientists, or even research students in the academic world. That is why mastering the academic research journal articles and thesis writing skills are crucial for those who are in postgraduate or want to pursue their career in the academic world.

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However, many university students fail to understand the difference between similarity index and plagiarism. Do you encounter the following inquiries in academic research journal article and second language writing?Similarity Index & Plagiarism In Academic Research Journal Article Writing-EdiThumbs

1) Is it high the similarity index link to plagiarism?

2) What is the plagiarism checker free online software for plagiarism detection?

3) What can I do to reduce the percentage of similarity index and plagiarism?

Well, you’ve come to the correct place. Certainly please bookmark this page as it’s pretty sure to become your beneficial resource in the future.

The emerging of Google and social media such as Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram in this 21st century have made our life easier as almost every information can be obtained effortlessly at your fingertips.  However, it also increases the tendency of university students to plagiarize if they don’t equip themselves with correct academic writing skills.


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Similarity Index & Plagiarism In Academic Research Journal Article Writing-EdiThumbsAccording to Latin word, plagiarism is referring to an abductor. In the academic world, it is important to have solid resources such as borrowing someone words, facts, or idea to support your research. But in return, you must acknowledge them in your research. It can be done easily by using appropriate academic writing techniques such as quoting (using quotation mark if you copy and paste directly) and citing (cite the relevant references). Generally, if you copy other people work word by word and treat it as yours, then you are involving in plagiarism, which is a big offense. You cannot graduate with a fully plagiarized thesis and undoubtedly; your manuscript cannot get published in journals as journals are well equipped nowadays to discover such kind of misconduct, plagiarism.

Here is the recommended top 3 plagiarism checker free online software for plagiarism detection & is the first step in avoiding plagiarism in academic writing:

1. DupliChecker
Free Online Plagiarism Detection Tool-EdiThumbsIt is 100% free. You just simply upload your manuscript or copy and paste into the space provided. You’ll get the analysis report within a few seconds. Pretty easy, right?


2. Viper
Free Online Plagiarism Detection Tool-EdiThumbsIf you’re a user of Microsoft Windows, congratulation! You just need to download the software and enjoy the magic out of it. Scans your manuscript now!


3. Quetext
Free Online Plagiarism Detection Tool-EdiThumbsWaiting for what? It is free unlimited usage! Quetext system is designed in such a way to ignore the quotations and citations in your manuscript. Take the challenge now!


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After a long story on plagiarism, what is the similarity index? Well, the high percentage of similarity index in academic research journal articles writing does not mean that you have plagiarized. However, low or zero percent similarity index also does not prove that you are not plagiarizing. Software such as Turnitin, cannot be used to detect plagiarism as it will match your work only with the sources that held in the database. You can use the information in the originality report to improve your citations, referencing, direct quotations, and paraphrases. This can help you to decrease the unoriginal content in your academic research journal articles writing. So, don’t worry too much about the similarity index.Similarity Index In Research-EdiThumbs

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Do you able to distinguish the dissimilarity between similarity index and plagiarism now? Leave your thoughts here!

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  • Katia

    Hello Sie Jing!

    It seems that you’re an expert in this topic, as you managed to explain me, that plagiarism and similarity index are different in their meaning.

    You mentioned Turnitin, and it’s true, that it search only through the database. Despite it’s database is huge, I’m sure that it could not be the sole way of checking your writing. That’s why I use Unplag plagiarism checker, as it has another operating principle and use real-time check and real-time web index (which is constantly updating)

    So you help me to clarify some things about plagiarism, thanks! Though, I was not so worrying about high similarity index as I use this to make my citations more proper.

    • Hi, Katia! It’s my pleasure to share what I know so that more people can benefit from it. Thanks also for your sharing regarding Unplag plagiarism checker. It is hope that researchers or postgraduates can utilize the software to avoid plagiarism. Cheers!

  • Mike Wazowski

    If we are talking about free unlimited usage – try . It’s new, no advertising or affiliate links. Simple and accurate. You are welcome!)

    • Thanks Mike for this wonderful information. Another plagiarism checker free online software for plagiarism detection to be added to the list for postgraduates. Hooray!

  • Madeline Kho

    Hi, great article. I just have a problem in using Viper. When I tried to log in, an error message saying that it’s not available in my region popped up. So, can I use it in Malaysia?

    • Madeline Kho, Viper seems like not yet available in Malaysia. But, I’m not sure when you can access it. Anyway, feel free to consider other free online software for plagiarism detection. Frankly, it is a bit hard to download the free online software for plagiarism detection. The best software always comes at a premium price. On the other hand, you should consider Turnitin as well. Even though it cannot detect plagiarism in your academic writing, you still can improve or modify sentence structures to reduce the similarity index based on the originality report. I believe every lecturer or professor in your university has their own Turnitin account. You can ask the login credentials from your supervisor. Always check the acceptable percentage of similarity from your Department or School of Graduate Studies if it is for a thesis. The best thing you can do is use your own words. As far as you stick to this rule of thumb, you no need to worry about plagiarism issue. Besides, make sure you use proper quotation techniques to avoid plagiarism. Hope this will help you. All the best!