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Need proofreading and editing services in malaysia? Publishing an academic paper is a long process. It can take more than 6 months. In this free guide, we’re giving away 10 tips to your first academic paper published. 


  • Effective ways to improve your writing skills
  • How to leverage citations/reference on your paper
  • Actionable tips after you successfully published your paper

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Proofreading And Editing Services In Malaysia

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The manuscript was full with grammatical errors, sentences structures problems, broken English language, and unclear statements.

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After Service

The manuscript was clearly explained with no grammatical errors and sentences structures problem. Its quality matches what journal wants.


Customers’ Success Stories

Proofreading And Editing Services In Malaysia With 100% Satisfaction 

Phd Proofreading & Editing Services Malaysia-EdiThumbs
Dr Khairul & Dr Kashif (UTP)

Published multiple high impact-factor journals in Elsevier

Nabilah (UBD)

Being admitted to university with a good & error free proposal

Wai Ting (Kumon)

Published many error free newsletters & articles in local & international magazine

Taufiq (UTM)

100% accepted by Elsevier without correction (IF: 3.12)

Faisal (MyCEB)

EdiThumbs being selected as a vendor to verify internal documents

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What They’re Saying About Us

Professor KamarulFaculty of Chemical Engineering, UTM

You wrote an excellent thesis. Good writing!

FahrulPhD Candidate, UTM

Saya sangat berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan yang diberikan oleh EdiThumbs terutama dari segi tatabahasa, struktur ayat dan penggunaan perkataan yang sangat professional untuk manuskrip. Gred A untuk perkhidmatan yang diberikan!

Dr FarhanFaculty of Computing, UTM

Many thanks EdiThumbs for the proofread. You even have feedbacks or comments, good work! I surely will look for your service if any of my students need one!

AfinaUndergraduate, UNIMAS

Excellent services. Thank you EdiThumbs!

LogaiswariPhD Candidate, UTM

I'm satisfied with the services!

Nor Aljratul AsikinPhD Candidate, UPM

The editing & proofreading service is really fast!

ZahidPhD Candidate, UTP

Thank you very much for returning the manuscript in time and good work. Very good work. I will go my thesis too for proofreading. I have also forward your link to other my friends.

Professor EsahFaculty Mechanical, UTM

You wrote a good thesis!

Ahmad Nafais RahimiPhD Candidate, UTM

Thank you for your good & fast service. It is really affordable & nice proofread!

Nur Shafira AhmadPhD Candidate, UTM

Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it and will improve my writing skills. And I really love your works.

Nuraina Anisa DahlanUndergraduate, Monash University

Wow, that's super fast. Thank you for your service!

Azraai OthmanPhD CAndidate, UPM

Cepat dan tepat! I'm satisfied with your work!

KashifPhD Candidate, UTP

Thank you for your fast and effective service. I would like to proofread one more chapter having 8000 words with the same urgency.



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