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Follow journal standard
Produce original work
Reduce manuscript’s errors 

Do You Want Your Manuscript To Look Like One Of THESE…?

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Fact: 30 to 50 percent of manuscripts submitted to journals are rejected due to language or structure are so poor…

(which is why error-free manuscript matters)


You are a good researcher. You have talents, but English is probably NOT one of them.
You don’t have enough time. Your deadline to submit the manuscript is around the corner.
You need a certificate of editing which is required by your journal.
You manuscript has a high similarity index and you don’t know how to reduce it.
You don’t have someone to check your manuscript! Using Grammarly software doesn’t count, and you know it.
Your manuscript is rejected by journal and not sure what to do.
You have wasted a fortune on amateur editors who promised you the world but made things worse.
You want to increase the chances of publication.
If even ONE of the above fits you, you need to click the button below!

My name is Chiong Sie Jing

You probably don’t know me, but I am the guy who has helped many PhD students and lecturers publish their manuscripts in journals.
I am a strong believer in writing to deliver a clear message, because great writing is important for research communities to understand your works.

There’s No Better Way To Showcase Your Unique Research Work Than Having An Error-Free Articles.

And there’s no better way to deliver your messages clearly than publish manuscript in journal by using an editing and paraphrasing services!
Over the past few years, I have helped PhD students and lecturers publish over 100+ manuscripts in journals. Safe to say, I can help you too!

So, how confident you are regarding your manuscript?

Or worse… YOU don’t even know what’s wrong with your manuscript?

If you think your manuscript has the same sentence structure over and over again and broken English… we need to talk.
If you think it is time to showcase your good writing skills so that you give an AWESOME first impression to the journal editors and reviewers… we need to talk.
If you think you need to start taking the journal publication seriously and get your manuscript published in journal… we need to talk.
If you think you have tried so hard to submit your manuscript to journals but always get rejected… we need to talk.
If you think you mostly copy and paste with very little writing using your own words… we need to talk.

Need Some Proof..?

“First of all I would like to say thank you for providing me a proofreading service. The crew of EdiThumbs did a remarkable job in proofreading. My paper was accepted in Q2 international journal (Journal of Membrane Science and Research) and it is my first experience that my paper was published and everyone in worldwide can see my works. The remarkable job of EdiThumbs crew helped me so much. I cannot imagine what if there is not a proofreading service like EdiThumbs. I know the EdiThumbs service from my academic advisor that recommended to me to make a proofreading for my manuscript. The proofreading make my paper better. From every single word what I wrote until the grammar in my paper entirely checked by EdiThumbs carefully. So, until the announcement of acceptance from the journal there is no problem with language. I think this might be the best proofreading service that I know so far. And if you want to make your paper better, I think you should try this one and you won’t regret of it. As remember, I also got a big discount from EdiThumbs and make it cheaper and you can easily make your payment in USD. You will get certificate of proofreading from EdiThumbs. Thanks EdiThumbs, you did a great job!!”

Arif PriyanggaInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember

“I have been using EdiThumbs for several years now and I can truly recommend the services provided by EdiThumbs. The great editing job on the several manuscripts and research papers as well as the fast excellent service are highly appreciated. I am looking forward to continuing using EdiThumbs and proofreading service for their excellent knowledge in academic writing. Thanks to EdiThumbs, my papers have been accepted and published in ISI and Scopus index journals.”

Dr EsyraUniversiti Sains Malaysia

“Saya sangat berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan yang diberikan oleh EdiThumbs terutama dari segi tatabahasa, struktur ayat dan penggunaan perkataan yang sangat professional untuk manuskrip. Gred A untuk perkhidmatan yang diberikan!”

Mohamad Fahrul Radzi HanifahUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia

“Thank you very much for returning the manuscript in time and good work. I have also forward your link to other my friends.”

Zahid KhanUniversiti Teknologi Petronas

“Yes, its now published as a paper in a conference proceeding and IEEE. Many thanks for the proofread, I surely will look for your service if any of my students need one. You got a really good skill there. Thank you for the great service.”

Dr Farhan MohamedUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia

“Cepat dan tepat! I'm satisfied with your work!”

Azraai Bin OthmanUniversiti Putra Malaysia

“Thank you for your good & fast service. It is really affordable & nice proofread!”

Ahmad Nafais RahimiUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia

I Help To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Your Research Published In Journal!

What would it mean to your research if every manuscript that you write are published in journals?
It’s definitely possible if you submit an error-free manuscript right!

My Editing & Paraphrasing Services Are Not Another Bluff That Sell You Pixie Dust, Unicorns & Fairy Tales!

My Services Have More Values To Bring Than Just Correct Spelling & Mistakes – 100% Result Guaranteed!

And I Have Helped Students & Researchers Around The World To Get Their Manuscripts Published In Journals!

Still Got Questions?

So Who Is This For Exactly?
Editing and paraphrasing services are for PhD students, lecturers, or researchers who are looking to improve writing to the next level so that they can publish their manuscripts in journals.
Anyone can write a manuscript, but even high impact journals like Elsevier are white-label our services and approve our certificate of editing, because we are just THAT good.
Why the heck should I listen to you?
Good question. My name is Chiong Sie Jing, and I am the editor of EdiThumbs, an agency specialize in editing and paraphrasing services.
I’ve edited and paraphrased manuscripts for PhD students and lecturers ranging from Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and so on, so it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about English and journal publication 😉
Can you increase the manuscript’s chances of acceptance?
Of course.
Every manuscript needs editing and paraphrasing services to meet the journal standard, and if publication is your goal, then YES, we can increase your chances of getting your work published.
Can you edit and paraphrased engineering manuscripts?
Most definitely.
In fact, we’ve helped PhD students and lecturers to publish their engineering manuscripts in the high impart journals such as Elsevier, IEEE, Scopus, and so on.
Will you be our next success story or portfolio?
What service do you provides?
Our services include punctuation, spelling, grammar, phrase usage, and sentence structure check, but that’s not all I know.
I do whatever it takes to ensure your manuscript is error-free and to be the best version prior to submission to a journal.
If you need formatting or paraphrasing, that’s fine by me as well.
What if I do not like your services?
Don’t worry 😎
We provide unlimited revisions and tweak it till you like it, although all of our customers have never need to concern themselves about our editing or paraphrasing quality (you can see for yourself too).

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