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If you’re looking for the best web templates, this collection can be explored. On the following list, there’s something to suit all. The number of templates that appeal to the eye is innumerable. What is appealing to me may not mean that it’s gorgeous for you. I may prefer a minimalist design, while you prefer more fun and vibrant to everyone’s taste. There is a wide variety of stunning templates for websites in the list below. There are templates for every, from mobile app WordPress Tutorials landers and beauty salons to portfolio, agency, and online resumes. There are also multiple-purpose website templates to give you a more comprehensive range of options. Many templates have different demos and numerous pages inside to cater to those who are difficult to please.

The most beautiful templates for websites


The process of designing websites is a skill, and it’s perfect to have it as your means of expressing your personality even more effectively. With Bari, you can accomplish this objective with ease. This stunning website template is the most popular portfolio idea for freelancers, agency photographers, designers, etc. You can now create an online, simple portfolio to show off your work using a unique and unique design.

Bari is a template with an elegant design, but it looks professional. Thanks to its responsive layout and Bootstrap-based design, the website will operate precisely as it should, no matter your device. Furthermore, it can be brought with stunning viewing on all retina displays and is distinct from the rest of the internet. For a more exciting experience, further, an asymmetrical background can be the perfect solution.


Simple, clean, and stunning web design template, Timisoara, is a tool full of goodies for SEO or digital marketing agencies. Freelancers will benefit from it, too, because Timisoara can adapt to various kinds of niches and businesses. There are two homepage pages and two distinct styles of headers and other essentials included in the bundle. This includes inside pages and two contact pages—blog sections and three distinct portfolio sections that can be filtered.


Using Brainux as your base for your website is a logical choice. You can utilize this stunning template to create a web page to promote your brand and services, products, and even your portfolio. It’s a fresh and contemporary design, with all documentation. What’s more? Brainux has a responsive design, is mobile-friendly, and is in tune with the most popular browsers. Your site will never fail, no matter the location from which they originate.

Brainux comes with various sample designs, and all can be easily customized. You may, however, enjoy a particular style from the box enough that you don’t need to modify it even a little amount. If that’s the case, include your content, and you’re done. You can include videos and slideshows for the background or keep it basic and simple. Brainux also includes functioning AJAX subscription registration, contact, and registration forms to make it easier for you.


No matter what your expectations regarding web style, Torneo can exceed them. With this elegant and stunning website template, you can quickly create websites for corporate companies, agencies, etc. It’s also a versatile website template that you can use to meet various goals and needs. Additionally, it’s simple and clean that is based on Bootstrap technology. Torneo is a responsive HTML5 template with 28 unique home page demos and 140 files.

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Additionally, you can access numerous open-source add-online social websites, audio and video websites, and Revolution Slider. Furthermore, Torneo includes eight header designs, thirty portfolio layouts, and more than forty elements. Essentially, Torneo is many templates that will help you exceptionally well.


A stunning design should be able to be flexible, unique, and flexible. The good news is that Woox is all of these and more. Woox is a stunning template for websites perfect for creative agencies that want to promote their portfolios and services. It is stylish and has an elegant design that can be applied to various topics and allows users to break the trend by using it. Woox is also mobile-friendly and responsive, thanks to its Bootstrap Grid and CSS/HTML features that allow you to build an excellent website from the comfort of your house.

Select from over forty pages, including animations, sliders, specifically designed widgets, and valuable pop-ups. Alongside the previously mentioned, Woox also has a sticky header, drop-down menu variations, and SVG icons that give your site a unique look. In addition, Woox supports RTL languages that allow the possibility of localizing your web presence effortlessly.

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Do you need a gorgeous template for your website for conferences and events? If yes, look into SoftCircles, LLC web design company Nashville. It has everything you require to create a website for the event that is coming up. Five index pages are all you require. We are providing all types of website templates. Visitors need not go from one page to learn more regarding the next conference or even a webinar. It is just two clicks away. It includes all the essential elements of a top event website. Timers for countdowns, speaker’s gallery, sponsor and sponsor sections, registration and booking form, and schedule prices tables. The information is all there, but you must change it to reflect your current details and other pertinent information.