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Europe is a treasury for anyone who enjoys writing stories from their travels. As you explore this vast continent, each destination offers unique inspirations that can transform your writing. Whether you’ve just finished college successfully or are a seasoned journalist, the varied European destinations for travel writers ensure there’s always something new to write about.

United Kingdom

In the UK, just roaming the streets of London can give you a book’s worth of stories. There’s a story at every corner, from the buzzing Camden markets to the serious vibes at the Churchill War Rooms. In the Scottish Highlands, the scenes are straight out of a drama flick—misty mountains and old castles that scream epic tales. Plus, the literary vibes are massive here, from Shakespeare’s hometown in Stratford-upon-Avon to the moody Yorkshire moors of the Brontë sisters. If you’re falling for the UK vibe, you might want to make UK your permanent home. Fortunately, hiring professional movers can simplify this transition. They can handle the logistics of moving your belongings securely, making it easier for you to focus on settling in and starting your new life in the UK. After all, there’s a lifetime’s worth of stories to make and explore in this country!

Picture of one of the best European destinations for travel writers


Heading over to France, things get a bit more laid-back. Paris is a classic, with its Eiffel Tower and the twisty streets of Montmartre fueling the plot of many famous books. But if you leave the city, places like Provence are the real chill zones. Imagine kicking back in sunlit vineyards, fields of lavender, and old stone villages that look like they’ve jumped out of a painting. No wonder legends like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway chilled and penned their masterpieces here.


Switzerland isn’t just about killer chocolate and fancy watches; it’s a playground for travel writers. Imagine relaxing in a cozy café in Zurich, sipping on world-class hot cocoa while you jot down notes against snow-capped mountains. On the other hand, maybe you’re up for a bit of adventure. Head to Interlaken, where you can skydive with views that’ll blow your mind and get your adrenaline pumping. And let’s not forget the scenic train rides, like the Glacier Express, which are perfect for those chill vibes and snapping Insta-worthy shots. Switzerland has it all wrapped up in a neat, picturesque package.


Italy is where ancient meets modern in the coolest way. Rome has ruins and buzzing squares that could fill pages, while the quiet towns of Tuscany are where you’d think and soak in views that haven’t changed for ages. These places are also great for rediscovering the taste of simple, traditional vegetarian dishes. Whether you’re writing about a day in the life of a Roman coffee slinger or a sunset draping over Tuscan vines, Italy’s stories are as deep as its history.


Spain has a unique vibe. Barcelona is a treasure trove of Gaudi’s wild buildings, like the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell—a total feast for the eyes. But the real Spain shows up in its festivals, like those fiery ones in Andalusia. Between flamenco dancers, bustling markets, and old palaces, you taste a rich region with stories and traditions. It’s the perfect spot for writers who want to dive deep into what makes local culture tick.


Portugal is a total gem for travel writers, with Lisbon’s old-school cool and Porto’s deep cultural vibes making them must-visits. Picture this: you’re strolling through Lisbon, dodging yellow trams on the cobbled streets—it’s just like picking out the right winter footwear; you have to make sure it fits the vibe and the terrain. Porto isn’t just another pretty face; it has a banging wine scene thanks to centuries of port wine perfection.

What’s to love about Portugal:

  • Historic spots: Whether it’s getting lost in Lisbon’s Alfama or chilling by the river in Porto’s Ribeira, these places are dripping with history.
  • Culture kicks: Tap your feet to Fado tunes in Lisbon or sip on some fine port in Porto’s cool cellars.
  • Killer views: From snapping pics of coastal views to capturing the lush terraced vineyards of the Douro Valley, Portugal has the goods.
Picture of a port in Portugal


Greece is all about the old meets new and is one of the best European destinations for travel writers. Athens has all the ancient stuff like the Acropolis, but it’s also buzzing with life, crammed with cafes and street art. Then there’s Santorini, where you can unlock global opportunities by describing those insane sunsets and iconic blue-domed churches. Trust me, it’s the kind of content that gets everyone double-tapping.

Top spots in Greece:

  • Athens: Dive into ancient ruins one day and hang out in hip cafes the next.
  • Santorini: Snap those postcard-perfect shots of white buildings and endless blue horizons.

The Netherlands

Forget just sticking to Amsterdam. The Netherlands has more to offer. Utrecht has that old-world charm with its medieval buildings and chilled-out canals. Come spring, the tulip fields pop off like a Dutch version of the color run—bright and bold, and they tell a story of the country’s slick farming skills.

Nordic Inspiration

Heading north, Sweden, and Norway are all about that cool blend of nature and city vibes. Stockholm is spread across islands with a mix of old charm in places like Gamla Stan and sleek modern vibes in areas like Ostermalm. Norway’s fjords? Unreal. They’re like massive blue highways flanked by giant rock walls—perfect for anyone who’s all about epic views.

Eastern Europe’s Hidden Gems

Last, Eastern Europe has cool spots that won’t bust your wallet. Prague has that fairy-tale feel with its historic Charles Bridge and Old Town Square. Budapest brings the heat with awesome spas and a buzzing cultural scene. It’s the perfect mix for writers looking for stories with a touch of the unexpected.

Picture of Charles Bridge

Which Of The European Destinations for Travel Writers Will You Visit First?

All these European destinations for travel writers are great places to visit. Whether you’re into the laid-back vibes, ancient cool, or culture, you’ll find fresh stories to tell. So, grab your backpack and your notepad, and get ready to write some killer content on your travels. These places don’t just offer trips; they’re about adding epic new chapters to your life’s story.

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