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5 Reasons Why Tutoring Is Good & Can Become The Most Satisfying Job


Are you looking for a part time job? From working in a restaurant, handling petrol kiosk to serving as a cashier, there are many options to choose from.

Reasons Why Tutoring Is Good-EdiThumbsHave you ever thought about starting as a private tutor or wonder reasons why tutoring is good? Learn here why tutoring as a part time job is the best fit if you want to earn higher hourly wages and enjoy the flexibility of time.

Choosing to tutor as a part time job has more benefits than the typical jobs. The job ensures you time flexibility, more hourly wages and above all a sense of gratification. Will you miss this opportunity if 7 out of 10 parents look for private tuition in Malaysia? These are few reasons why tutoring is good for you!

Whether you are a student or a professional, here are top 5 reasons why tutoring is good and should become a part time tutor for people from every walk of life.

1) Flexible Work Hours

Reasons Why Tutoring Is Good-EdiThumbsTutoring lets you create your own work schedule based on your availability and personal preferences.

For example, you can take tuition classes in an evening if you have job or study schedule in morning. Generally, a home tuition lasts anywhere between 1-2 hours, meaning that you have ample of time on hand to meet your other commitments without cancelling the class or having to extend your time. In this way, becoming a part time tutor gives you a complete control on your work.

How many part time jobs give you such flexible working hours? Deep down in your heart, you know the answer. Let us move on to the next reasons why tutoring is good.


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2) Higher Hourly WagesReasons Why Tutoring Is Good-EdiThumbs

Becoming a private tutor, you can earn more than the job packages offered in other part time jobs in Malaysia.

The average tutoring rates for primary classes is RM 40 per hour in Malaysia. It is eight times more than Starbucks’s wage that is RM 5 per hour. If you are teaching one primary student for 2 hours, you can earn RM 480 per month. And this tutoring rate can be as higher as RM 140 per hour for university students. Getting more students means you can achieve a whopping figure!


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3) Helpful in Your Career Development

Reasons Why Tutoring Is Good-EdiThumbsTeaching students of different age group with different learning ability hone your communication, patience, confidence and convincing skills. These skills are very important for your growth as professional, even if you are not into the teaching field. On the other hand, putting tutoring as your work experience in your resume will give you an upper hand in a job interview.


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4) Emotional Fulfillment

Reasons Why Tutoring Is Good-EdiThumbsTeaching or tutoring is one of the most respected professions. By becoming a private tutor, you help weak students improve their performances. You are making a difference in their life. Doing a job like this will give you emotional fulfillment and sense of satisfaction.


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5) Improved Learning

Reasons Why Tutoring Is Good-EdiThumbsTeaching will significantly contribute to your knowledge also. This is because the role requires you to remain knowledgeable and academically sound. For that, you have to be studious and stay intellectually and mentally active. Your brain will get a continuous feed of knowledge and new ideas. Whereas you will add to your knowledge, your students will be benefitted with your tutoring. So, this is simply a win-win situation.


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Your Action!

These are some reasons why tutoring is good it can become a part time job in Malaysia for anyone, especially college students or PhD research students. It not only helps you earn money easily but also adds to your skills and knowledge. There are many sites in Malaysia where you can list yourself as a private home tutor. So, wait no more and get started now after considering reasons why tutoring is good for you.

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