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In recent times, as the healthcare industry flourished, the industry facilitating it also came under a lot of advancements. For instance, scrubs for doctors in Pakistan were originally blue or white. But now, you can get it in almost every colour you want. Doctors and healthcare professionals now have a range of colour options when it comes to scrubs. While the practicality of specific colours may vary depending on the institution or facility’s uniform policy, all the colours are at least available for you to grab if possible.

Here are some common colours you may find while searching for medical scrubs online:

1. Blue scrub for doctors:

Being one of the most common colours when it comes to the healthcare industry, it is worn by doctors and other professionals as well. The colour blue in medical scrubs in Lahore is often associated with trust, cleanliness, and professionalism in medical language. In many hospitals and healthcare colour-code uniform policies and blue scrubs are frequently designated for doctors or medical staff. Blue is without a doubt, the most popular colour for scrubs worn by doctors. 

If you are looking for good-looking blue-coloured ot kits online in Pakistan, look no more. The well-known Frontline Uniforms by Sapphire has many options in your favourite blue colour. But, the one loved by most of the customers is Ascend Unisex Scrub Set. Perfect for both men and women, this one is made using 4-way 4ward fabric which is ridiculously soft and features four-way stretch for maximum flexibility and mobility. The fabric is wrinkle-free, ensuring that you look professional and polished throughout the day. Also, it is made from premium materials, providing a luxurious feel against the skin with its soft hand feel.

2. Green colour medical scrub:

Another amazing entry in coloured scrubs is the cool colour green. These scrubs are commonly worn by doctors, particularly those in surgical specialities. The colour offers a high contrast with blood and other bodily fluids, making it easier to detect potential contamination. In addition, green when chosen for doctor scrubs in Pakistan is perceived to offer a calming colour and can help create a more relaxed environment for patients.

If you are looking for one such comfortable scrub, check out Osler Men’s Scrub set from Frontline Uniforms by Sapphire. Made using the 50% cotton blend, this premium fabric provides the best possible comfort. The stylish v-neck double-needle stitched design, functional pockets, and side bottom vents provide a relaxed fit.                               

While the elasticated waistband with an adjustable drawstring is added for a comfortable and secure fit. In addition, they include thigh pockets, mobile pockets, and side pockets for maximum functionality.

3. Gray medical scrub

Associated with a modern and stylish look, grey scrubs have gained popularity as an alternative colour choice in recent years. Grey scrubs are often seen as a neutral and versatile option that can be easily paired with other colours. While buying medical scrubs online in Pakistan, it must be kept in mind that these scrubs exude a modern and neat yet professional look. 

For example, let’s talk about Rene Men’s Scrub Set. These OT scrubs are offered in Leatherback Grey colour which is not only impressive but looks professional as well. These breathable and comfortable scrubs feature a minimalistic design that’s perfect for the modern professional look which also resonates so well with the colour.

4. Black: 

Another latest addition to the scrubs market is the well-known colour, Black. These scrubs are another fashionable option that has gained popularity. Although these are not very common, they indeed provide a sleek and professional look and it is perfect to hide stains.  

For this colour, you can choose Harmony Women’s Long Scrub Set. The set that comes in carbon black colour is stylish, comfortable and breathable. The stitching and style are a perfect blend of comfort and functionality. While the relaxed fit and lightweight design offers unparalleled comfort throughout your workday.

6. Other colours:

Depending on everyone’s personal choice, doctors may also opt to wear scrubs in different colours like purple, pink, teal, or even patterned designs. However, it’s important to check the specific uniform guidelines before placing an order for OT scrubs online in Pakistan. 

If you are also bored with the regular colours and want an escape to satisfy your inner colour lover. Check out the amazing Frontline Uniforms by Sapphire website and fall in love with the colours like kosher pink, heather seeds, purple, red and so much more.

Before we conclude, it is important to understand that choosing colours is just an additional factor. The main goal is to look for a professional appearance, all-day comfort, breathability and flexibility. Before opting for a new colour, always consult your institution’s uniform policy or speak with the uniform supplier to understand the approved colours and any specific requirements for doctors’ scrubs. Once done, visit their e-store and go through the amazing colour options available to grab.