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10 Sports You Can Do By Yourself Or With Others In UTM Besides Research


Over the past few months, we’ve been doing some reflection on some sports you can do by yourself or with others in UTM besides research.


UTM is one of the best universities in Malaysia with more than 5000 international students but, frankly speaking, we do not have the faintest idea at all.  Someway, the land of forests and low-cost educations fees are some of the plausible reasons. So, here’re the 10 sports you can do by yourself or with others in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) as a PhD postgraduate research student. You should live your life to the fullest when studying in UTM by enjoying these 10 sports you can do by yourself or with others.

1. Get to know the different behavior of these royal horses

2. Those who play badminton well take decisions quickly




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3. Swim your way to a 8-pack and get your dream girl

4. No pain, no gain




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5. Aim and spike the ball at your enemy

6. One team, one dream




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7. Take a big group selfie before performing a slam dunk

8. Run for the causes that I care about




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9. The beauty of the tennis can’t easily understand by any ordinary people

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10. If you get tired, learn to rest but not to quit




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Your Turn

Work hard and play hard. At the end, it is not all about research. You should plan your timetable fruitfully and enjoy your PhD journey. Feel free to comment if you have any interesting thing want to share with!

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