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Freelance writing can be a gratifying profession. While it has many upsides, one of the most commonly cited problems is finding stable work. In this article, we will look at some obvious options, as well as several surprising places to find freelance writing jobs.

1.   Freelance websites

We are starting the list with the most common solution. Nowadays, freelancers have numerous online resources to aid them in their efforts to find freelance writing jobs. You can look around popular websites like Fiverr or UpWork to see what kinds of freelance jobs are in demand. The best thing about freelance websites is that you can set up your profile and determine your price. Initially, when you are just starting, you can set a lower rate. However, once you find your footing, you can gradually increase what you charge. If you browse other writers’ profiles, you’ll get a good idea of what other people with similar work experience are charging.

Local businesses are a place to find freelance writing jobs.

2.   Local businesses

Many freelancers mistakenly think that the only place they can find writing gigs is the Internet. Although most jobs are listed online, this doesn’t mean that you should completely overlook brick and mortar businesses in your area. Visit local companies and inquire if they need a writer. Most small businesses usually lack a solid online presence and have no idea how to approach online marketing. Give them your resume and discuss what you can do for them. Perhaps they need a copywriter or a community manager to handle blog posts and social networks. Local businesses probably don’t have a writer on staff and will undoubtedly appreciate the skills you can offer.

3.   Listings on community websites

Places like Craigslist have listings for various jobs, which often include posts calling for freelance writers. Keep in mind that different areas gather around different websites. Therefore, you should do research and find out which community websites people post job listings in your city. If you have a specific interest or niche you are knowledgeable in and wish to write about, you should check to see if there are particular websites or forums which cater to that niche. People who share your interest are likely to visit those online spaces and might need a writer for their business. Besides being good places to find freelance writing jobs, you can also post your resume on community websites and state what kind of services you are offering.

Freelance writer searching social networks to find writing jobs.

4.    Social networks

Although social networks initially started as a way to connect with classmates or family, over time, they have grown to become multi-purpose public spaces. Businesses are now using them to find employees, and it’s common to see job listings or recruiters scouting for talent.

  • Facebook has plenty of community-run writing groups that you can join. Here it’s relatively common to post about freelance writing jobs. Seeing as such groups are often populated by writers, they can also be great places to ask for tips or advice. Freelance writers often like to help each other find gigs and overcome challenges.
  • Twitter is another excellent place to find freelance writing jobs. You can use the explore tab feature and search for specific terms. Search for ‘writing job’ or ‘freelance writer’ and other similar permutations. Go through the results weekly to see what’s on offer.
  • LinkedIn is the best social platform for professional networking. Work on your profile and connect to as many other writers and businesses as you can. Remember to update your bio and post examples of your work as your CV grows and your writing skills improve.

5.   Unsolicited pitches

You can pitch to major companies even if they aren’t actively looking for writers. For this approach, it’s a good idea to take a look at the latest business trends and what’s in demand. Many businesses have started to heavily invest in SEO and CRM software. However, content is crucial for those strategies, and they are heavily reliant on a steady output of quality written content. The best way to engage an audience is through content that is researched and structured to be friendly to search engines. Obviously, it helps if you familiarize yourself with text optimization and how to properly structure an article.

If you are aiming to do a cold pitch, you’ll need to do some research into technical writing and how search engines work. From there, you can contact businesses and explain how your writing can help their company grow and achieve their goals.

Freelance writer jotting down ideas in notepad.

1.   Warm pitches

Unlike cold pitches, where you approach businesses out of the blue, warm pitches rely on building up a relationship before inquiring about work. Large companies will have a presence on most social networks which you can follow. Always be on the lookout for their gig postings. Thankfully, you can use that time to engage with them and respond to their comments on social media. Those channels are all run by people, who you can start building rapport with. This can be an excellent opportunity to display your writing skills and comment on their current content. In time you can formally introduce yourself and offer to curate their content along with your writing services.

To summarize

As a freelance writer, you’ll constantly be on the lookout for new gigs. In that search, it helps to be aware of all the hidden and surprising places to find freelance writing jobs. You never know when or where the next opportunity will present itself. However, if you aren’t actively looking for them, they will easily pass you by. Therefore, when you are just starting as a writer, you should search every nook and cranny of the Internet because that’s when it’s hardest to find paid work. After you get the ball rolling and have a strong portfolio that you can be proud of, finding jobs will be no problem. In the meantime, you’ll need to be proactive and seek out writing gigs in the strangest of places.

Sophia Perry

Sophia Perry has been engaged in writing blog articles for the last 7 years. Today, her range of topics spans from moving across the globe to everyday lifestyle tips, traveling, marketing and software-related news etc. In her spare time, Sophia enjoys running, reading books and spending time with her dogs Loo and Sill. As a great lover of life, she finds something practical and useful in every experience, which contributes to her portfolio as well.