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So here are 9 tips to write a good thesis which can help you overcome this hurdle with ease:

1. Write excerpts from the start! 

One of the tips to write a good thesis is having a good excerpts. An excerpt is nothing more than a summary of what you have read. Add page numbers to your excerpt when you discover a nice quote. So you can be sure that you are productive and that you can find quotations. Because after half a year of reading books, many face the problem that they have not yet written one page of their work and ultimately forget what they have already read …

2. Give your work a clear structure right from the start!

A preliminary division into chapters or parts makes it easier for you to plan and carry out your thesis! Possible chapters would be (without claim to completeness): method part, historical overview, analysis, empirical part, …

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3. Scientific work is also working!

Therefore, set up a clear roadmap, in which you set yourself (short-term and long-term) tasks that you want to fulfill in a certain period! Then when you have completed a task, you can book it as a sense of achievement! A short-term goal (if you are in the writing phase!) Would be 2-3 pages a day. A long-term goal would be, for example, to organize, conduct and then transcribe planned interviews in a certain time frame.

4. Start the written part with the choice of scientific methods!

Think carefully about what you want to do and which scientific methods are suitable. Argue in essay writing why you find these methods necessary for your work. And: Don’t overload your work with methods – nobody has to reinvent the wheel for a Bachelor or Master! Instead, try to work as simply as possible, but as precisely as necessary.

5. Online tutor tip

If you have found and argued your scientific methods, an important part of your work is already done – and you were also productive, so you no longer need to be “afraid of the blank sheet”. Now all you have to do is stick to it and everything runs like clockwork.

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6. The foreword and the conclusion / final consideration is written last!

Apart from the items as shared above, conclusion should also be considered as one of the tips to write a good thesis. First, it makes the most sense: objectives, topics, etc. change – you don’t want to constantly rewrite that, do you? Second, these parts allow you to write freely about the topic: the arguments are all in the work. But in the introduction, you give an outlook on what will be dealt with in the work and in the end you summarize all the arguments brought up and may also finally evaluate them. However, evaluations have no place in the scientific part of the work. And: introduction and conclusion are not the places to bring something new. Third, essay writing an introduction is the ultimate way of rewarding because it shows you that you can do your job.

7. Warning of plagiarism!

Nowadays, every scientific thesis is not only assessed by several people (usually supervisor, second and third examiner) but also checked by plagiarism software. So be careful when quoting and refrain from copying passages from other books! As you say it in your own words, it is unique – after all, you also acquire unique expertise on your topic! The cases of prominent personalities suspected of plagiarism also show the senselessness of intellectual theft, from which you cannot benefit in any case.

8. Don’t give up so easily!

If you are convinced that your work is feasible, do it! Most of the frustration after half a year of work is under the skull anyway. But you just have to go through it! Remember: The frustration usually comes because you have made mistakes yourself – so stay consistent / become more consistent.

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9. Treat yourself to something!

Do not dig into your work for a year! It has never hurt anyone if they go out for a beer after working with friends! It also prevents you from encapsulating yourself too much and keeps you open to new ideas! The success of a job can also depend on this.


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