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5 Top Universities In South Korea For International Students


Want to know the 5 top universities in South Korea for international students? You’ve come to the correct place. This blog article is dedicated just to you. Don’t worry about the research funding as there’s available South Korea scholarship for international students like you. Korea is a country that riches in generosity to foreigners. You’ll have many great times to enjoy real superb foods such as kimchi, bibimbap, japchae, samgyetang and many more. These foods are originally made in Korea. Here’re 5 top universities in South Korea for international students.

1. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

As the global value-creative world leading young university, KAIST is impressed by its top-notch researches in the field of science and engineering, especially nanocomposites. The resources and facilities in KAIST definitely will enrich your PhD journey.

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2. Seoul National University (SNU)

Seoul National University is Korea’s first and one of the top universities in South Korea for international students. SNU has partnered with the world leading university such as MIT and the University of Pennsylvania to conduct high-quality researches. You’ll not be lonely here as SNU is a part of your family.


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3. Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

POSTECH is a research-oriented university who has more than 70 research centers. It emphasizes on quality instead of quantity. Its ultimate goals are to nurture and create global leaders to solve problems. POSTECH has a strong industry collaboration to produce value-added researches.

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4. Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

SKKU is one of the top universities in South Korea for international students and oldest university in East Asia. SKKU has a strong partnership with Samsung. More than 100 research projects are being managed and handled by SKKU and Samsung. SKKU not only emphasizes in research publications but also the end applications of the researches.


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5. Korea University

Korea University likes to challenge its students to become global leaders and China experts. It is the first university being funded by local expertise without external supports. It has made lots of great achievements in researches globally. Its student exchanges program will enrich your PhD research. More than 120 research centers are available to support your PhD research.

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Your Turn

You should consider the above 5 top universities in South Korea for international students when applying for PhD study. Welcome to Korea!

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