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If you’ve decided that freelancing is your best career path, then you probably know all about the upsides. Nevertheless, it’s always best to analyze the challenges you’ll also face. That will enable you to find the best solutions and ensure long-term success. Of course, you should start by determining what freelance jobs are in demand to ensure you opt for a lucrative one. But one of the most crucial decisions you have to make is whether you want to work from home or an office. People often don’t realize how big of an impact this decision will have. Therefore, they often choose to work from the comfort of their own home. Nevertheless, we’re here to tell you why freelancers should rent an office space so that you can make an informed decision.

No. 1 Freelancers should rent an office space to ensure productivity

While working from home is more comfortable, staying productive is often challenging. You have kids running around the house, making noise and asking you for things. Your partner might be watching a loud movie. At the same time, your dog or cat is trying to play with you. In all that chaos, staying focused and productive is almost impossible.

A woman being distracted by her cat while working.

Thus, to stay productive, you must keep distractions away. You’re lucky if your home is big enough to accommodate a home office. You can simply lock yourself inside and focus on your work. However, many people don’t have this luxury. Therefore, renting an office space might be the best solution.

No. 2 It can be more affordable

Many freelancers work from cafes and restaurants to avoid all the distractions at home. However, over time, this can become pretty costly. After all, business owners won’t let you use their WiFi for free; you also have to order various products. And the longer you occupy a table, the more you have to order. Thus, you can spend a small fortune if you do this every day. 

By renting office space, you can reduce these costs. You’re probably wondering how paying rent could be more affordable than coffee. You don’t necessarily have to cover all the costs yourself. Nowadays, lots of freelancers opt for shared offices and co-working spaces, which are highly affordable.

No. 3 It enables you to save on taxes

Another great reason to rent office space is that it enables you to save on taxes. More precisely, you can classify your rent as a business expense. As a result, you can deduct it from your yearly taxes. That makes renting highly cost-efficient. However, you should first research the local tax laws since they usually differ from place to place.

No. 4 It promotes a better work-life balance

Working from home makes it hard to separate work from personal life. That’s why freelancers should rent an office space. That will enable you to establish clear boundaries between the two worlds. You can have fixed office hours and leave your work behind once you return home. Remember that it’s not all about work and making money. You need to focus on your family as well. Not to mention that you need time for yourself too.

No. 5 It’s more professional

Many freelance jobs entail having in-person meetings with clients. Inviting them over to your place is not very professional. Of course, you can meet them in cafes and restaurants, but this is not business-like either. As a result, having an office space is the best option. It will make you look more professional, responsible, and trustworthy to your clients.

No. 6 It prevents loneliness

One of the challenges of working from home is that it can get pretty lonely. That is particularly true if you live alone. You can spend several days locked inside your home without interacting with other people. Over time this will significantly impact your mental health, so you should avoid it at all costs. However, if you opt for a co-working space or a shared office, you can socialize with other people every day.

Two men socializing in a co-working space.

No. 7 It encourages networking

Apart from offering you the chance to socialize, a co-working space also allows you to network. You’ll be able to meet other professionals from various fields that can become your clients or business partners. Not to mention that they can offer you sound advice on becoming better at your job or growing your business. 

No. 8 It helps you stay healthy

There are many pros and cons of working from home. Some upsides include more flexibility, comfort, and less time wasted in traffic. Nevertheless, there are some cons too. For instance, you become more sedentary since you no longer have to commute to work. And the lack of movement is terrible for your health. Thus, by renting office space, you can squeeze in a bit of exercise every day on your way to work. Another downside of working from home is that you have constant access to your fridge and snack cabinet. Add to this the stress of an upcoming deadline, and you’ll probably end up stuffing your face with a lot of junk food. Unfortunately, this can cause many health issues. But you can avoid this by renting an office space. On the one hand, you can habitually bring only healthy meals to work. On the other hand, you’ll feel embarrassed to stuff your face in the presence of other people.

A woman taking an apple out of the fridge at work.

In conclusion

Working from home as a freelancer has many benefits. However, it’s not always easy, as you’ve seen from these 8 reasons freelancers should rent an office space. You deal with many distractions at home that prevent you from staying focused and productive. Furthermore, a lonely and sedentary lifestyle can also affect your health. Thus, renting might be the wiser choice for yourself and your career.

Sophia Perry

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