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11 Best American TV Series For Learning English & American Accent Free For Postgraduate Research Students


What’s the best american tv series for learning english & american accent for free? As any of your friends will tell you that watching some English drama TV shows or series is totally wasting the golden time. Is that true? As according to them, you should fill up your time with something meaningful such as reading research journal on iPad mini or keep your eyes glued to the laptop writing manuscript for research journal publication most of the time. Doesn’t sound super bored to you if you’re doing that for utmost every day! Where is the lifestyle by the way?


11 Best American TV Series For Learning English & American Accent Free For Postgraduate Research Students-EdiThumbsFulfilling your responsibility as a postgraduate research student is definitely important, but at the same time, you should allocate sometime to learn and improve your English language proficiency as many Malaysian students cannot speak English. You should know the importance of learning and mastering English language as a second or foreign language in the present-day world and workplace. Otherwise, you’ll be excluded from the highly competitive market and other golden opportunities that wave their hands at you. Do you know the current Malaysia English proficiency ranking in the world is?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you heard that watching English TV series drama are the best and simple ways to learn and improve English learners listening & speaking skills? The answer is obviously, “uh, what?” It’s okay if that’s the case.

Surprisingly, the answer to the above question is, “absolutely!” You can build, develop, improve, increase, or learn English listening, speaking, grammar, or communication skills including pronunciation, or even accent for free. Does it sound like kill two birds with one stone? The best thing is you can apply what you have learned with your friends, which is really fun by the way. This will be helpful as well to pass the TOEFL or IELTS for those who want to further their studies in oversea.

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You should know that most of the English TV series drama or movies are not created for non-native English speaker. The fact is they are created for native English speakers. In other words, the language used is 100% how you hear in the exact conversation situation, which is spoken speedily and naturally together with the original accents and pronunciation, including fantastic idioms and informal terminologies. For example, don’t be surprised if you hear the phrase such as “rain check” as usually most of us speak “next time”. The best thing is you’ll learn more in relax and fun mode instead of forcing yourself to learn from the dictionary purposely or in formal ways such as grammar books, which is not effective by the way as you’ll get bored or demotivated easily.

So, what are the best american tv series for learning english & american accent free? Below are the 11 best american tv series for learning english & american accent free for postgraduate research student, which can be accessed through Netflix. We’re about to go full-nerd here.

1. Arrow

Arrow-EdiThumbsIf you’re the fans of Green Arrow published by DC Comics, then Arrow is a must-see TV series.

It is about the life of a billionaire playboy, Oliver Queen, who reunites with his family and friends after being lost at sea 5 years ago. They don’t know he actually came back with a mission, to bring justice to the Starling City by spending his nights hunting down the dangerous, corrupt, and a virulent cancer. To do this, Oliver must become someone and something else, the Arrow. To protect his family and friends, Oliver needs to live a double life, which makes him lost himself after sometime.

The Arrow and his trusted friend, John Diggle, who is the only one who knows his secrets are fighting very hard at nights to bring down anyone who are going to destroy their homeland. You’re going to know the series of dangerous criminal happenings that increase the rate of your heartbeat. Don’t miss the show!

Why it’s the best american tv series for learning english & american accent for free: This TV show is full of everyday slang language, which is used in many social situations. You’ll learn how to initiate a conversation and some common phrases to use when communicating with your colleagues in the workplace, family, and friends. You can learn and improve English grammar tenses better and easily, especially from the moments when Oliver reflecting his life on Lian Yu before returning to the Starling City.


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2. Beauty and the Beast

Catherine, NYPD detective discovers a clue that leads her to Vincent, an ex-soldier believed has been died in Afghanistan in 2002. After gone through some investigation, Beauty and the Beast-EdiThumbsshe remembered that he is the one who saved her life nine years ago, the same night her mother died.

Vincent reveals that he is hiding from the secret government organization that turned him into a beast. Catherine agrees to keep his identity secret in exchange for his help regarding her mother’s death. Catherine and Vincent can only rely and trust on Tess Vargas and J. T. Forbes to solve all the mystery and suspense cases in the New York City.

Is it possible for Catherine (beauty) and Vincent (beast) be together? Can Vincent revert back to human at last? You should check it out!

Why it’s the best american tv series for learning english & american accent for free: The English is super easy to understand as the characters don’t speak too fast. You’ll also be able to learn many English vocabulary related to police investigation cases. Don’t simply judge the title itself by looking at it. It is a totally different story than the versions you watched on TV previously. It is a present-day romantic love story between Catherine and Keller, that will make your heart sing.

3. Fringe

Fringe-EdiThumbsThe Fringe Division team comprises Olivia Dunham (FBI), Walter Bishop (fringe scientist), and Peter Bishop are required to solve many mystery and unexplained occurrences relating to fringe science, ranging from transhumanist experiments gone wrong to the prospect of a destructive technological singularity to a possible collision of two parallel universe.

You’re going to be amazed with the intruders or known as the Observers who are determined to rule the Earth by wiping out all the humans in the Earth. Can the fringe team save the Earth and restore whatever damages to the original state?

You might get the chances to learn few theories of sciences that you never learn in the university before. You also might find some fun towards the super weird theory from Walter. Watch out: the fringe science is coming!

Why it’s the best american tv series for learning english & american accent for free: All the characters in “Fringe” used everyday and simple English. If you’re obsessed with science element, then, you should watch this series. You’ll learn how to explain the scientific theory in a fun and better way.


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4. Grimm

Grimm-EdiThumbsGrimm is another creative masterpiece that used characters from the Grimms’ Fairy Tales to portrait the darkness in every humans.

Nick Burkhardt who is a homicide detective and hunters, called Grimm has an ability to see the true form of Wesen (who look like human to most people) even when the Wesen don’t want them to. Nick must work closely with his partner, Hank Griffin together with good Wesen, Monroe (a wolf-like creature called a Blutbad) and Rosalee (a wolf-creature called Fuchsbau) to protect the humanity from supernatural creatures.

Throughout this series, you have chances to see some Wesen with their ordinary superpower like Hexenbiest, Zauberbiest, Musai, Ziegevolk and so much more. How many Wesen are there throughout the series? Let find out!

Why it’s the best american tv series for learning english & american accent for free: There are no complicated relationships between different characters, which makes this TV show super easy to follow. All the characters used clear and slow voice, which is perfect for non-native English speakers to understand and follow. You may learn a few tricks when communicating with the strangers.

 5. Hart of Dixie

Hart Of Dixie-EdiThumbsIt is a story about Dr. Zoe Hart, a New Yorker who ended up as a general practitioner in Bluebell, Alabama.

Zoe needs to adapt herself in the new countryside. Zoe finds too difficult to merge with the communities and want to leave the Bluebell for good. But, the actions of Zoe treat her patients with love, and care has won the heart of the communities.

The best thing you want to know is the complexity of love that exists between Zoe with her bad-boy neighbor Wade Kinsella and lawyer George Tucker. The communities from Bluebell also have the dilemma to decide and find their true love.

You definitely will fall in love with Hart of Dixie as it is hilarious. You’ll get to know many expressions or slang that makes show even more entertaining. Besides, you surely will love all the cultures and songs from the countryside. Enjoy!

Why it’s the best american tv series for learning english & american accent for free: The hilarious part of this series definitely will keep you motivated to learn and improve your English as you need to focus and understand the dialogue between the characters in order for you to laugh. You’ll learn how to communicate with each other’s in relax and fun way. Just get ready with a dictionary with you as you might be busy learning many vocabulary in every episode.


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6. Nikita

Six years ago, Nikita was taken from prison and forced to become an assassin for a black ops program called Division that has now gone rogue. Divisions recruit young people withNikita-EdiThumbs problematic backgrounds from prison, fakes their death, erases all their identity, and trains them into spies and assassins to perform black operations such as sabotage, assassination, and espionage.

Nikita wants to take Division down after knowing her fiancé was murdered by Division. To do that, she needs to work closely with Alex, who is the mole of Division. With Alex’s help and support, Nikita has gained much intelligence from Division and plans to destroy the black boxes.

What is black boxes? Does taking the Division down is the only solution? What about the safety of the United States? If you love spy and action fiction, you should watch Nikita.

Why it’s the best american tv series for learning english & american accent for free: Want to get insight on how to communicate with your team using proper English? Then, don’t miss it! It’s an action-filled TV series, which has a very interesting plot. You might get addicted to it with all the great actions from Nikita.

7. The Blacklist

The Blacklist-EdiThumbsThe presence of the world most dangerous criminals, ranging from politicians, spies, mobsters, international terrorists, and so much more have put the United States in dire straits.

In order to put all the bad guys in the prison, Liz Keen, FBI profiler must work with Reddington, FBI most wanted fugitives as he is the only one who knows the list of the fugitives that he has been worked with for the past few years.

The interesting thing about The Blacklist is you have the chances to see how the distorted and twisted criminals killed their victims cruelly. It is not easy to identify and catch them. With the whole episode, you have the chances to guess the real criminals as similar to the Detective Conan. Welcome to the criminals’ world!

Why it’s the best american tv series for learning english & american accent for free: The inspiration of “The Blacklist” was coming from the true story that happened in the United States, the captured of Whitey Bulgler, FBI top ten most wanted fugitives. You’ll get to know the Standard English language used in federal government of the United States, which is one of the good platforms for you to start learning and improving your English for free.


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8. The Flash

The Flash is another fantastic superhero and science fiction based on the DC Comics. It is a story about Barry Allen, who wants to use his superhuman speed to fight and capture all the The Flash-EdiThumbsmeta-humans in Central City due to the effect of a particle accelerator explosion. You’re not going to believe how fast he can run. Oh my god! He can run up to Mach 1.1 or 837 miles per hour.

You can’t ever imagine how the Flash can work with Arrow to solve some cases in Central City. If science is your jam, then you shouldn’t miss out all the explanation explained by Dr. Caitlin, a bioengineering expert and Cisco, a mechanical engineering genius. So damn cool!

Why it’s the best american tv series for learning english & american accent for free: “The Flash” use common English, which makes this show an effective way of learning modern American slang. It’ll help you a lot if you plan to further your study in oversea.

9. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries-EdiThumbsThe Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama that has the elements of horror, fantastic, and romance. It has been visualized based on the series of novels by L. J. Smith.

The return of Damon and Stefan Salvatore to the Mystic Falls has changed many things. Most of the time, the plot is about the love story of Elena between Damon and Stefan as well as friendship between among Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, Tyler, Matt, and Jeremy.

This is not just any common vampire story. Everything seems like too real. You’ll get addicted to the fiction characters such as doppelganger, witches, witch hunters, vampires, original vampires, werewolves, vampire hunters, heretics, travelers, ghosts, hybrids, and so much more. You’ll totally fall in love with it the second you watch this series.

Besides, you’ll get the chance to know the lifestyles in the late 19th century. You definitely can learn and improve your English after watching this series. Have fun!

Why it’s the best american tv series for learning english & american accent for free: The accents used is typically American and it’s fairly easy to understand what’s happening. If you’ve already read the book series, then it’ll be super easy for you to understand the plot.  This is a preferred TV show among teenagers all around the world and if you have chance to get into any conversation when you’re discussing the best TV series ever watch, you can talk about it. You can recap and gossip the favorite moments of the scenes with your buddy in English.


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10. Once Upon A Time

The characters like Snow White, Evil Queen, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, Merida, Cruella, Dorothy, Captain Hook, and Hades are not something Once Upon A Time-EdiThumbsnew. Most of us know their traditional plot based on the books or cartoons. But, what about all the characters that we adore are actually happened in the real and modern world without knowing who they really were? You can find all the fairy tales characters at Storybrooke in Once Upon A Time! It is a super combo from Disney and Western fairy tales.

It all begins with Eman Swan Henry, who are working hard to break the powerful curse cast by the Evil Queen, Regina. The series is getting more entertaining after getting involved with the Frozen characters such as Elsa and Anna.

Let your imagination run wild into the world of magic. The language is pretty easy to understand. The most epic quotes from this series are “all magic always comes with a price”, “I will always find you”, and “true love kiss will break any curse”. Is it possible for all the characters deserve a happy ending?

What you need to do is sit down, relax, and enjoy the show. Watch out: the magic is coming! Don’t lose hope!

Why it’s the best american tv series for learning english & american accent for free: You have the chances to know both the early and late modern English languages such as “thy”, which means “your” in the present-day. The best thing is almost everybody knows all the Disney characters and Western fairy tales and you’ll automatically be able to connect to this series and not to mention, this series is the easiest way to learn and pick up many awesome English vocabulary for free.

11. Orphan Black

Orphan Black-EdiThumbsOrphan Black is a science fiction with thriller element TV show that focusing on the human cloning theme.

The story begins with Sarah, witnessing the suicide of a woman named Beth. Sarah’s life has changed dramatically after stealing Beth’s identity, cop. With the money she has withdrawn from Beth’s account, she attempts to start a new life for herself and Kira, but her plans do not turn out well. She starts to discover many weird names and identical people that look exactly just like her, which turn out; they are clones. Weird things keep happening, and someone is plotting to kill them.

Where is the original clone? Who is killing them? Can they survive until the end? If you’re the fans of sciences or clones, you should watch this series. You may discover many scientific or technical terms throughout the show.

Why it’s the best american tv series for learning english & american accent for free: You might learn a few things from Sarah on how to answer the tricky questions in professional ways when you really don’t know what is going on actually. The English is pretty simple to understand. You’ll fall in love with their super cool accents, especially from Felix. The plot of this series is exciting from the beginning untill the end.


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Your Turn

You should watch the 11 best american tv series for learning english & american accent for free. With all these free online resources to learn English, you can learn and improve your English in a fun way. You’ll be super excited about learning and improving your English, including accent with these 11 best american tv series. With this, it can convince you that learning and improving English through TV series can work, even though it might be non-traditional.

Do considers the following 6 helpful advices for you to get started if you’re facing some difficulties during the process of learning and improving your English from these 11 best american tv series:

  • Select and watch genre that you really love and enjoy
  • Using subtitles for better understanding
  • Pause, rewind, and watch again if don’t understand
  • Check colloquial expressions with an online dictionary
  • Don’t focus to much on jotting
  • Practices make perfect!

Well, after some time, for example, your English-speaking skills, fluency, or ability should be improved dramatically. The most important thing is you’re enjoying during the learning process. Have fun and happy learning!

Do you have other recommendations about the best american tv series for learning english? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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