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Is a PhD the Right Option for You?


You gonna wonder should I get a PhD?


Is a PhD the right option for you? Frankly, it’s difficult to say that getting a PhD is worth it. In fact, an academic research is all about publication, novelty or innovation. How many of you are determined to get a PhD because of I’m interested? Or you are pursuing a PhD because of the title itself (Dr.) or PhD is the high paying job in both the academia and industry? Many students are rushing into a PhD without knowing their research field of interest and how useful it will be. It is normal if your dad or mom keeps asking you is a PhD the right option for you? In light of this, we’ve written this article in an effort to explain to you 4 important points for you to consider before register yourself as a PhD student. After you have finished reading this article, you should know is a PhD the right option for you?

1. Why are You Interested in Pursuing a PhD?

Before you want to know is a PhD the right option for you, first, you should know the fact that PhD will take 3 to 4 years or even more than 5 years to complete. It is uncertainty. In some research university, the failure rate is even more than 40%. Of course, you cannot run away from the journal paper publication. The ability to defense your thesis will determine whether you are getting a PhD or not. Novelty or innovation is another important criterion to be considered as well. In certain institutions, it is not about academic research. It is about the impact of the research that you are going to make. Based on these factors, pursuing a PhD is definitely a big decision to make. It is not as simple as select supervisors and institution only. Prestigious scholarship or studentship won’t give you true motivation to finish your PhD in long term. It is important to select the field of research that can sustain your interest for numerous years. Why you do it will push you to the limit eventually.

Is a PhD the Right Option for You?2. Is it a PhD Title Really Matter?

Is a PhD the right option for you? Yes. In academia, a PhD title is necessary if you want to become a professor or researcher. However, for most occupations in industrial, a PhD is unnecessary. Employers outside of academia don’t really care about your PhD title. It might add some values to your resume. In fact, they don’t know what is the difference between the positive research output and a good dissertation. If you want to earn more income in the future, getting a PhD title would be beneficial. Bernard Casey revealed that male PhDs usually earns 26% more than those without a university certificate. But, people who have PhD title in languages, social sciences, and arts do not have significant earnings for both genders.

Is a PhD the Right Option for You?3. Can You Finish What You Have Started?

Initially, you’ll feel excited and motivated in your research. However, this eagerness can soon dim with time. In the United States alone, about 57% of PhD students acquired their PhD after 10 years being enrolled into a PhD program while the rest has been dropped out. In fact, you don’t need a high IQ to get a PhD. Well, is a PhD the right option for you? The answer is yes if you are hard-working, independent, and full of inspiration and motivation.

Is a PhD the Right Option for You?4. Can You Find Good Supervisors?

Another factor that determined the success of your PhD is good supervisors. You must find experienced supervisors in guiding your research. The relationship between you and your supervisors is very important. It would be best to consider supervisors that can certainly help, advice and support you throughout your PhD research. In fact, he or she might help you to hold a decent position in the well-known universities. One of the good traits of supervisors is the caring and good listener. Never select supervisors based on the reputation criteria. Always talk to the past or current PhD students before making your decision. At the end, finding supervisors is just like a marriage. You’ll be happy and motivated throughout the research if you find the right supervisors. Is a PhD the right option for you? Definitely. Only if you find a good supervisor to work on.

Is a PhD the Right Option for You?Wrap Up

Hence, don’t rush to enroll into a PhD program without knowing your research interest. This is the first step for you to get a good supervisor and scholarship. Enjoying your PhD research is the main thing that you should consider. Now, you should know is a PhD the right option for you or not.

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