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With the 5th Anniversary celebrations upon us, players eagerly awaited the release of the Advance Server for the Free Fire/FF MAX version OB36. Several gamers can now benefit from the most recent version of the Advance Server program. Before the release of the final version, that’s a reason to be cause for celebration.

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Free Fire OOB36 Advance Server Release Date

Garena announced Garena launched the OB36 Advance Server on September 1, 2022. And they will make it available through September 8th, 2022. Customers can sign up for the program and install the APK client on the official Advance Server site. And download it to their device.

Registration/Login Method For Fire Advance Free Server OB36

The most crucial method that is required for Advance Server is registration. Only registered users can obtain access to the Activation Code needed to access the client.

Anyone can sign up once the process has begun. Follow these guidelines:

1: The player must log in with Facebook or Gmail to the official Garena FF or Max Redemption website at https:/ before they can register.

3. The “Login using Facebook” link will be displayed on the FF Advance website that will appear within your browser.

4. Since Garena has been the first one to release the latest updates for Indonesia servers. And since they get 100 activated codes and Download links from Advance Server. We recommend that you connect with all “Indonesia Server” accounts using a VPN.

5:You get a different page after you log in using Facebook or Gmail in which Garena Free Fire will ask for some personal information

6: Any identity or valid email can be entered and Garena may call you at that email address with your telephone number. Choose “Join Now” from the menu once you have filled out all the required fields. If the registration is successful the user will be directed to page Free Fire Advance Server website’s download page.

Advanced Server FF APK Download and Activation Key

After logging into the Advance Server website users might discover their Activation Code and download the link on the website. You can copy the code and receive the exclusive Free Fire APK.

Free Fire Advanced Servers List

  1. Europe Server
  2. Indian Server
  3. Russia Server
  4. Taiwan Server
  5. Bangladesh server
  6. Pakistan Server

The Free Fire Advanced Server is a Redeem Coupon How to redeem them

Garena Free Fire fans can redeem their vouchers by following these easy steps from the beginning of January.

You’ll be able to log into your account after you’ve arrived at the Official website for information.

It is also possible when you’ve got an account with the use of a third-party application. Like Facebook, Google, VK, Apple ID, Huawei ID, or an account on Twitter.

Repeat Step 3’s steps for the remaining codes.

This Free Fire OB36 update is scheduled to release in the period between September 14 and September 21 2022. The Advance Server will conclude on September 8th, 2022. The players should be aware that the features available within this Advance Server. Might or might not be included in the final product.

Free Fire Advance Server Rewards

The Free Fire Advanced Server Game with its many advantages was announced in the Free Fire Garena Company. Gamers will get the opportunity to fight in a battle royale. The advanced rings of Free Fire

The Free Fire Advance Server Game is a great way to gain advantages. A chance to try out the latest ways and YouTube streams and a chance to receive updates before. In addition, we’ll discuss the advantages you can enjoy by using FF Advance below:

  • Players can directly communicate with teams of developers from FF Garena developer teams and write reviews.
  • The players will have free access to all future OB36 Updates, which include new details and leaks.
  • Players can report game issues or issues and get rewards like gun skin skins. Free diamonds or a title, an outfit, and other things.
  • If the players complain of a glitch or issue they could receive free diamonds.
  • Free Mythic Suit and gun skins, a room, characters, and other Executive Premium Rewards are to be provided to players.
  • The player is added to an extra team if they find a major issue in the upcoming OB36 Updates.

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