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Patrick and I are of the belief that there is an intrinsic value to every human life. We base this belief on the belief in the existence of a God who created people according to His own likeness.

This blog doesn’t discuss theology macroevolution or the significance of life. At least not directly. I made this post from the perspective where I truly believe that the quality of your life is important. So, what do you do with the years you live too?

The Years Are Short

I’ve tried my best to break down the average American lifespan for three primary reasons:

  1. First of all, our lives are limited; looking at numbers doesn’t alter that.
  2. People who are distracted miss out on opportunities.
  3. This exercise will help you understand the things that matter. (hopefully)

There is nothing that stirs hearts and minds as telling someone that “you’re gonna die.”


By combining data points from various websites, I tried my best to illustrate what happens when 50 years of American life can be broken into pieces.

If you live until you reach 80 this is 29,200 days. This was the base to calculate the average American life expectancy.

Here’s how you will spend the majority of your time on Earth.

SleepOver 23 years of your life, you’ve slept 7 or 8 hours a night for 80 years

working10-13 years working 48-52 years working prior to retirement and 8-hour days

SMS messages in your mobile 9 years to 65 years using a phone, 3.25hrs./day of using your phone

Food intake3.5 4-years –this could be too not the case, since as babies we have a lot to eat and we sleep a lot.

Schools2 years to 6 hours/day, 175ish days/year 17ish years

Books to read 2 years If you maintained the 5.75 hours/week per week average for the entire 60 years

Exercise6-7 months —20 minutes per day, 365 days a year for 40 years

This does not include things such as streaming shows, daydreaming and trying to fall asleep or driving, standing for the train or bus, or for a significant other or being in a hold situation attending church, or taking a vacation. Dang.

As I wrote these figures my brain was aching from triple-checking my math. I was blown away by how the hours become days and then into years.

I’m assuming that some people had read the stats on phones before thinking “What is this?! 9 years of our ridiculous phones ????!! !” I thought something similar and ran the numbers five or six times to prove that. Then, I dropped my phone into the ocean.

I’d like to draw the calculation for the phone to illustrate what I’m talking about. Here’s the equation:

1,186.25 (hours/year for our smartphones) * 65* (years of owning a mobile) is 77,106.25 (total hourly)

77,106.25 (phone hours) 8 766 (total hours per one year) is 8.796 (years)

*I put 65 years in the equation in my head, knowing it’s safe for my 8-year-old to be bewildered by her peers at school.

After I’ve reduced your daily routine to sleeping and playing on your phone…what are we going to do using this data?


When I working at CCB Technology, one of us would often glance toward the other, and bring up something important. “You’re not stuck.”

It requires someone who is outside of the problem to provide perspective, particularly when we’re caught in a seemingly impossible situation. Why can’t we be able to say this to one another with confidence? We’ve seen many times that there is always a solution. We need an individual to help us remember it.

This blog serves as the reminder you need. And maybe a feeling of having permission.

It is not necessary to make a decision on this candidate, even if they’re at a price level.

  • Have you spoken to your former boss, mentor, or teacher, or?

You can remove any position, but remain in love with the person and family.

  • How about moving their seats? Do they have the capacity to fill a vacancy in a different department?

It is still advisable to have time off to enjoy that holiday with your family.

  • Show what is most important. Do not sleep over the next two weeks, work done and leave.