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Get Published in Scientific and Medical Journals By Using Proper English Language 

Do you ever know that English play the vital role for your scientific and medical journals to get published? Do you aware that a string of notable research publication can drive a scientist, researcher, or student to the next rising star? How to write a good manuscript before you submitting to any journal? If your answer to these questions is “no”, then you need to read further!

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How important is the quality of the English language in a journal paper? Can poor English command affect the Get Published in Scientific and Medical Journalspublication and impact of your research? Yes! Poor English command such as errors in grammar, spelling, unidiomatic expressions, weird and odd sentences which are obtrusive, or punctuation literally postpone your research publication as editors and reviewers don’t understand what you are writing or even lead to rejection of the manuscript in worse case. This will prevent your research from getting the recognition it deserves. You should aware that most of the international journal editors and reviewers are native English speakers. Even slightest grammatical errors could make you look dumb and definitely will catch their attention. Even after a journal paper is published, if it is written in poor English command, the impact factor (IF) of the paper is affected due to less number of citations. From now on, you should know that good English language is crucial for your scientific or medical journals to get published!

Apart from that, many people have the mentality that reviewers and editors are the accountable people to edit and correct your manuscript before publication. Well, you’re wrong! Reviewers and editors evaluate your manuscript content only. They are not responsible for making any changes or language corrections. In certain case, finding reviewers for manuscripts are progressively problematic. It is the author’s responsibility to provide a well-written and well-structured manuscripts according to the Guide for Authors.

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It should be noted that well-written and well-structured manuscripts with no grammatical errors of course undeniably reduce the peer-review process by permitting the reviewers and editors to concentrate more on academic merit and not be diverted by grammatical errors. So, you should make sure your manuscript is in the best possible form when you submit it for publication as this will increase the rate of publication.

Get Published in Scientific and Medical Journals What can you do if you are non-native English speaker or you are not confident with your own work? Well, don’t worry! You can consider using a language editing and proofreading service to improve the standard of writing in your manuscript before submitting to any journal. Please bear in mind that plagiarism is not recommended as it can jeopardize your career and of course, each one of us does not like others stealing our original work. With the advancement in technology, many online tools are able to detect plagiarism by comparing your journal paper with a database of billions of articles. ScienceDirect is very strict in plagiarism. If you plagiarized, retraction of journal paper will be imposed. It may affect your reputation or you will face difficulty to submit your journal paper next time. So, you should ensure you are publishing your own research and share your amazing research with the world.

There are many editing and proofreading companies provide their services to the author at competitive rates. EdiThumbs does offer superb English editing and proofreading services to ensure your manuscript is crafted in the highest standard of English.

Do share this article with your friends so that they know the importance of English language to get their scientific and medical journals published.

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Chiong Sie Jing

Sie Jing is an experienced proofreader and copyeditor with 8+ years of experience proofreading and editing for a variety of clients. He has helped many PhD students to publish their research in international journals with high impact factor. He is also a Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner (CIMP) & Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB).