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Any aspiring writer looking to delve deep into writing waters has to consider NYC as their base. New York City is incredibly inspiring, making it one of the US cities that are especially good for writers. Even though freelance writing is one of the rare professions that does not tie you to a specific place, you may find it helpful to have a local client base. Furthermore, some influential companies like to have their copy and content writers office-based to communicate more efficiently with them about long-term and short-term projects. For this reason, we will talk about the most effective ways to find writing jobs in NYC.

Why look for writing jobs in NYC? Only freelance writers in New York City understand the sheer amount of creatives that the advertising, entertainment, and other creative industries in NYC need. In that sense, NYC is the place to be, whether you are an up-and-coming freelance writer or a consummate writing expert.

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Meet and collaborate with other NYC freelance writers

Another aspect that freelance writers find favorable is the presence of other talented writers in their environment. First of all, sharing your experiences, gigs, and expertise makes your career as a freelance writer much easier to develop. For instance, you can always ask another freelance writer for council regarding topics or common writing mistakes you should avoid when you are in doubt. Also, as in any line of work, it is more likely clients will track you down – through recommendations and word-of-mouth.

Second, finding motivation will be much easier when surrounded by the best of the best in the writing industry. It is helpful to be based in NYC while looking for jobs. Whether you decide to rent or buy property, you will be in a position to network with other writers in one of the many NYC cafes and co-working spaces frequented by freelance writers. So, after you choose the right housing, you can find writers that can help you affirm yourself in the local writing community.

Read the job ads carefully

The first word of advice that will help you track down gigs in NYC is to devote enough time to finding the jobs that match your skill set, experience, and interests. Many young writers coming to NYC tend to go out of their way to accept or apply to any opportunity that comes their way. Although this is understandable, make sure you prioritize those projects and companies you want to be associated with.

Naturally, freelance writing isn’t just about networking. You should wisely choose your projects to create a name for yourself within a specific niche. In that way, you will be able to profile yourself in NYC as a respectable writer and thus garner as many jobs as possible.

Craigslist is a good start

Although Craigslist covers the entire US market, this classified ad service is a helpful tool for tracking down writing jobs. Given that it is sorted by location, you will be able to target gigs and companies based in NYC.

A downside to Craigslist is that the job offers can be pretty unrewarding. Because of this, some NYC freelance writers avoid Craigslist altogether. However, it is a great way to start your career. To make a good selection and avoid low-quality writing gigs, contact only those positions that offer half the fee upfront. So, for newcomers to the writing world, Craigslist can be a good start.

Check out MediaBistro for office-based writing jobs

Another website that can be of help is MediaBistro. You can find lists of local remote-working and office-based positions with detailed requirement descriptions. However, note that it is primarily office-based jobs that you can find here. Given it is regularly updated, it is one of the best list-type websites available to NYC writers. A bonus is the possibility to find quality courses and articles that can help you improve your writing skills.

Write Jobs

The name says it all. Write Jobs is an excellent platform for writers who want to broaden their client networks. Also, don’t let the design of the website fool you. You can find great writing gigs, so make sure you check it out from time to time.

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Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ)

If you are aiming for freelance writing jobs in NYC, this is the website for you. Another website that is updated regularly, so you won’t lose time applying for jobs that are not available anymore. Aside from freelance writing in NYC, you can also locate attractive positions that are office-based.

Morning Coffee

One advantage this website has is the very up-to-date email notification system that notifies you about available writing projects in NYC. However, make sure you do not fall into the trap and let the emails distract you. So, make sure you set up filters that will make the emails worth your time and attention.


Finally, Sologig is a website catered to freelance writers and other contractors looking for jobs. You can use this website to find freelance jobs in the NYC area and beyond. The clean, streamlined interface should help you find writing jobs in NYC without too much effort, as you can search jobs either by location or specific job position for maximum results. All this information is helpful when starting your career as a writer in the best city in the world. Once you start looking, you will see that it’s not that hard to find writing jobs in NYC. When you get your first gig, new doors will begin to open.

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