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Becoming a freelance writer in one of the most exciting cities in the world is undoubtedly a formidable achievement. However, managing your own time and finding a suitable writing space as a freelance writer can be challenging. This is why many NYC freelance writers have similar experiences. Roaming around the city searching for the perfect coffee shop or coworking space. Yet, since NYC is such a unique, eclectic place, there are a few things only freelance writers in New York City understand. 

If you are new to the New York City freelance writing culture, the number of changes you have to introduce to your day-to-day life might sweep you up. Now, your free time and your working hours are probably inextricably intertwined. This is expounded by the fact that NYC is a vibrant, entertaining city. With distractions lurking behind every corner, you must stay focused on your writing. Therefore, freelance writing in NYC will be a veritable balancing act most of the time. 

Times Square

Finding a suitable writing space is not easy

One of the first things on your agenda is to find a space where you will write. Unfortunately, most condos in NYC are hopelessly small, neglected, or cramped. Finding an apartment in New York City where you can live and work simultaneously is a true gift for a freelance writer. That is why many NYC freelance writers choose to compromise and rent a place in one of the more peaceful, upscale neighborhoods like the Upper East Side. If you decide to move here, you can have your Upper East Side relocation handled with ease by hiring movers with plenty of experience in relocating to this area.

New York city skyscrapers during golden hour

A freelance writer in NYC is also a consummate coffee shop hunter

However, if you cannot keep your focus at home, NYC has many coffee shops with high-speed internet. The only ‘problem’ is the sheer number of cafes, bars, and coffee shops in New York City. You might have to do a lot of footwork to find the perfect one. It has to be comfortable, affordable, and tolerant to freelancers.

If cafes are too noisy for your taste, you can subscribe to one of the many coworking spaces in NYC. It all depends on your preferences. Some NYC freelance writers like to write surrounded by people, music, good food, and coffee. If you opt for a coworking space, you will probably have to buy food outside or bring lunch with you. 

Working from a coffee shop is a chance to talk to other NYC freelance writers 

Also, as any freelance writer in NYC will tell you, you will appreciate the company and support of other freelancers. Although NYC is overpopulated, working from your apartment can make you feel incredibly isolated. It is a strange paradox when so many people are crowding the streets all the time. A solution to this problem is to stir up your daily routine by writing from a cafe close to your home. Once you find a place where you can be productive, you will have a chance to talk to other freelance writers. Bouncing off ideas or talking about spelling and punctuation mistakes with your fellow writers will not only make you feel less lonely but will also help you improve your writing skills. However, if you do not feel like socializing that day, you can just put on your headphones and tune out. 

A coffee shop in NYC

Let’s face it – it is better to stick to coffee shops in your block. If you do not like the working atmosphere, you can always head back home and do your writing there. Also, setting up your workplace in a coffee shop nearby allows you to stop paying for your MetroCard. Since you do not have to use the subway anymore, you can transfer that money directly to your coffee budget. 

Having a dedicated coffee budget is a necessity for NYC freelance writers

Speaking of the coffee budget… 

One of the things only freelance writers in New York City understand is that your monthly coffee spending can skyrocket very quickly. Therefore, choose a coffee shop or a bar that is welcoming to freelance writers. Not all places in NYC will look forward to people sitting on their laptops and occupying a table for hours every day. The waiters might coax you into ordering all the time so that you can keep on writing there. As much as three flat whites might speed up your thought processes, you might exceed your coffee budget. If you cannot handle the barista frowning your way, that is. 

Other New Yorkers think you do not have a real job

The corporate types New York City is flooded with usually interpret that ‘freelance’ actually means unemployed. However, do not let the frequent misconceptions and disparaging discourage you from appreciating your job. You know perfectly well that freelance writing involves just as much, if not more, time management and dedication than office jobs. Yet, given the highly competitive working culture in NYC, you will have to endure hearing such comments all the time.  And let’s face it, working whenever, wherever, and how much you want is one of the things only freelance writers in New York City understand. Having such freedom is hard to comprehend, but you would not change it for the world once you settle into it.