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Cotton has a high impact on the textile industry because it is one of the most widely used natural fibers and BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards) certification plays a crucial role in ensuring that cotton bales meet sets of standards and consist of best quality, strength, and durability. BIS registration also boosts consumer confidence and trust.

Recently, the cotton bales 2023 regulations were introduced by the BIS which will be enforced from Nov 27, 2023. This certification will ensure that cotton bales are following the standards that are specified for it. The essential factors that are necessary for the BIS certification are the manufacturer to whom the license will be granted, the Manufacturing address and details of the factory, Product details, trademark, or brand. 6

Now Let’s understand what are the documents and procedures for obtaining BIS certification for cotton bales.

Documents Required for BIS Certification of Cotton Bales

The process of BIS certification includes several documents for the completion of the application process. Business license of manufacturing unit and completely filled CDF/CCL form (CDF form means Construction Data Form and CCL form is Critical Component List), ISO certificate, marking label, authorization letter, trademark certificate, trademark authorization letter, authorized Indian representative, photo id of authorized Indian representative, authorized Indian representative company registration proof in India, complete BIS Application form, technical specification sheet or user manual.

Process of BIS Registration for Cotton Bales

BIS registration for cotton bales includes a few steps and it varies for foreign manufacturers and domestic manufacturers. The first step of BIS registration for a foreign manufacturer is nominating an Indian representative. who can represent the foreign manufacturer and the applicant has to submit an online application form which contains all the details. After this applicant has to submit the samples for testing to the BIS-authorized lab and submit the reports of those tests. Later on, BIS officials verify every detail and give certification if they found every piece of information in the right manner. On the other hand, if the details do not match with the reports or your application then it will be rejected and you have to re-submit the application.

Whereas theBIS registration process for domestic manufacturers is different from that of foreign manufacturers. In this process, the first step is the submission of an online application. then sample testing is necessary from.the BIS-approved labs. Later on, an applicant has to submit Sample test reports to BIS officials in hardcopy. and after the verification from BIS officials the manufacturer will get BIS certification.

During the registration process, you should keep in mind that all the documents and application form is complete. After the submission of test reports BIS normally takes up to 15 days to approve. the registration and in a few cases, it may take upto 60 days. For completion of this proces you can also take help of a BIS consultant in India who make sure that manufacturer get the licence as soon as possible. and all the paperwork is finished in a specific time.

Know About BIS Certification Cotton Bales IS 12171 (2019)  Testing Cost

The testing cost for HVI span length is 300, whereas trash content and moisture regain cost is 350. For moisture content, the cost is 375 and the 250 amount is for bailing hoops. Bale dimension, and stitch yarn requirements. Testing cost of 500 testing is for Weight measurement and GSM measurement (hessian) whereas.1000 cost is for cotton wrapping cloth and hessian wrapping cloth.


BIS certification is beneficial for both manufacturers and consumers in many ways. It increases the credibility of the cotton bales and builds trust with consumers. With the help of BIS certification the trade process also gets smoother even in global markets. This also ensures quality and avoids legal issues and other penalties. Many manufacturers got help from Induce India for a smoother process of BIS certification. By manufacturer, you can ensure that your product is fulfilling the sets of standards