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7 Reasons IB Scores Needed For Top Universities & You Should Get It


Do you know the reasons why IB scores needed for top universities? This time, Steffen Carter will give you insights on why IB scores needed for top universities. The IB offers an education for students from age 3 to 19, comprising of four programmes which focuses on teaching students to be critical and independent thinkers, processing information with logic and reasoning and to be compassionate individuals. The IB prepares students to succeed in a challenging world which has an unfathomable amount of information put out there for access and the right and wrong are hard to be visualised separately.

7 Reasons IB Scores Needed For Top Universities & You Should Get It-EdiThumbsIB students are constantly kept on their toes, curious to learn and they are taught to question everything they see, hear and read. IB’s curriculums are established in almost 5,000 schools globally every day, in over 150 countries around the world. With all that being said, here are the 7 reasons IB scores needed for top universities, including benefits that top universities can provide IB students with and benefits that top universities gain by welcoming IB students into their institutions.

1) The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) Is Globally Well Recognised

There are IB World Schools in approximately 150 countries around the globe, and students send their examinations’ results to universities in nearly 90 countries every year. Despite having a wide diversity of local education system in different parts of the world, IB is still well recognized in many countries around the world, making it extremely special.

Top universities around the world have high expectations of its students and as such, IB students who desire to enter such universities have to prove their worth through their IB score. This is one of the reasons why IB scores needed for top universities.


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2) An Upper Hand

IB is known to have a college standard curriculum and it is quite the deal in top universities like those in the United States of America. In fact, universities tend to admit IB students at a higher rate than their non-IB counterparts. IB scores needed for top universities as an IBO survey has shown that the acceptance rate of IB students into Ivy League universities is approximately 18% higher than the total population acceptance rate.

The difference is much more significant for top tertiary educational institutes outside of the Ivy League. IB students are regarded as the so-called, stronger candidates as compared to those who have not been through the IB programme.

7 Reasons IB Scores Needed For Top Universities & You Should Get It-EdiThumbs3) University Scholarship

IB students have a preparedness for studying overseas, as well as the access to global scholarships. IB scores needed for top universities as success in the IB program often results in advanced standing, course credit and more at many universities. As IB students are often well-rounded, equipped to cope up with all kinds of challenges thrown their way, endearing and promising, they often times do have an easier access to University scholarship. In fact, IB programmes’ one of many aims is exactly to prepare students who are competent enough to venture overseas with scholarships using their good IB score.

7 Reasons IB Scores Needed For Top Universities & You Should Get It-EdiThumbs


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4) IB Students Are Natural Inquisitive Learners

IB scores needed for top universities as IB students tend to have excellent problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, ability to perform detailed analysis, conduct research and write well are those that top universities always look out for. Preparation for the IB assessments and participation in the Diploma Programme allows IB students to learn academic behaviours and contextual skills that enable them to adapt well to the campus life and grasp knowledge well. The IB Diploma Programme produce quality students who are always open to expand their knowledge anywhere and everywhere.

5) Challenging Oneself

Top universities recognise that a good IB score symbolises students who love to challenge themselves in every way to any extent. IB scores needed for top universities because quality is much appreciated as it speaks volumes about an IB student’s inculcated value, turned nature, to question, analyse, present confidently and learn from mistakes instantly. They know that IB students have taken the challenging route and they do not fear facing difficulties. They have taken the extra step people around them have not.

7 Reasons IB Scores Needed For Top Universities & You Should Get It-EdiThumbs

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6) Breadth Of Knowledge

IB students’ knowledge definitely has depths to it because of the way they were taught. IB recognises that it is crucial to bring learning beyond books and four walls of a classroom. They pick up academic disciplines that are highly sought after in top universities. The quality of “intellectual exploration” is much desired and universities globally know that IB students are those that bother to read up on the “FYI (For Your Information)” segments that most students avoid. This is the reason why IB scores needed for top universities due to its values.

7 Reasons IB Scores Needed For Top Universities & You Should Get It-EdiThumbs7) A Great Overall Calibre

As IB scores needed for top universities and good IB score guarantees that the student is an all-rounder, not just academically, but also in their personality. The IB programme pledges to create globally competitive students academically as well as for them to be compassionate individuals. An IB student is expected to be open-minded, to embrace diversity and appreciate differences. All these qualities are what top global universities also look out for.

7 Reasons IB Scores Needed For Top Universities & You Should Get It-EdiThumbsOver To You

Now you already know why IB scores needed for top universities. You should work hard & get a good IB score to enter your dream university.

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