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  23 Job Opportunities for PhD Graduates


I don’t know what is the other job opportunities for PhD graduates besides becoming a professor?


A PhD is the highest level of degree a student can achieve. It involves an extensive and novel research in your chosen field. If you like innovation or research so much, then PhD is the right option for you. After completing your PhD, it is the time for you to decide which area you want to embark on. If you want to understand PhD career pathways or alternative PhD careers outside of academia, this article is just for you. At the end of this article, you can download our exclusive free ebook on 23 job opportunities for PhD graduates.

You may raise this question to yourself before: I always wonder is it the only career path for PhD graduates is to become a professor? What is the alternative job opportunities for PhD graduates?23 Job Opportunities for PhD Graduates-EdiThumbs

In fact, it is not easy to get a PhD as you need to publish journals and attend conferences.23 Job Opportunities for PhD Graduates-EdiThumbs

But, you should not give up easily. With your hard work and perseverance, you’ll graduate eventually. Now, it is the time for you to celebrate.23 Job Opportunities for PhD Graduates-EdiThumbs

After that, you should worry about whether you want to pursue an academic job or outside of academia. The problem is you not yet figure out what is the job opportunities for PhD graduates. Thinking about your future career path after PhD can be challenging. 23 Job Opportunities for PhD Graduates-EdiThumbs

Yes, getting a job is not easy even you are PhD graduate. However, it is always easier after you have understood PhD career pathways and your interest. Knowing the job opportunities for PhD graduates might give you a head start.23 Job Opportunities for PhD Graduates-EdiThumbs

Many PhD graduates are aiming for their careers inside of academia after spending 3 to 5 years doing research in the university. Of course, applying for a tenure-track teaching position is a good option, but, you need to compete with all the excellent candidates all over the world. Do you know that even the most brilliant candidates are facing difficulties in securing tenure-track positions? Frankly, it is very difficult to get the job position as a lecturer unless you has a very good network with the influencer or top management of your university. You’re considered very lucky enough if they can provide you a good recommendation letter. Below listed several questions that you may ask yourself based on the report generated by Google:

  • After PhD what next degree?
  • Why have I a PhD and no job?
  • I have a PhD now what?
  • What jobs can a PhD get you?
  • What is alternative PhD careers besides research?
  • What is the job opportunities for PhD graduates?

Understanding PhD Career Pathways

The employment landscape of PhD has shifted dramatically for the past few years and you should rethink or consider alternative PhD careers. You should bear in mind that completing an outstanding thesis or publishing many journals does not give you a free pass to secure a tenure-track position. This might be applicable 10 years back as there are not many PhD holders at that time. The days of having the traditional mindset that lecturer or professor are the only career path after PhD are long gone and obsolete. If you still stick to that little mindset, probably you will never get a job. Are you willing to wait for the next 3 years jobless as a PhD graduate? Think about it!

Alternative PhD Careers Outside Of Academia

A postdoctoral researcher or lecturer is not your only career option. As a PhD candidate, you should spend more time on understanding Phd career pathways and job opportunities for PhD graduates. It’s crucial for you to know the changing trends of the market from time to time so that you always aware of most in-demand jobs and which are falling. After that, it would be easy for you to plan ahead, choose your career path, and achieve your long-term career goals. At the end, it is all about enjoying your career and be happy.

Case Study: Job Opportunities for PhD Graduates

1) Dr. Isaiah Hankel: Founder of Cheeky Scientist

Dr. Isaiah obtains his PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology. He is also the founder of Cheeky Scientist who aims to transform PhDs into high-paying careers. Cheeky Scientist provides many training programs for academics who want to pursue their PhD careers outside of academia. At the same time, he always shares valuable information regarding skills and career strategies for PhDs. 

23 Job Opportunities for PhD Graduates-EdiThumbs

2) Dr. Dhesi Baha Raja: Co-founder of AIME

Dr. Dhesi completed his PhD in public health at UNIMAS, Malaysia. He is an entrepreneur. He co-founded the Artificial Intelligence in Medical Epidemiology (AIME) that has the capability to identify deadly outbreaks 3 months in advance and geolocating them up to 400-meter radius. AIME aims are to empower public health professionals through innovation.

23 Job Opportunities for PhD Graduates-EdiThumbs

An Exclusive Free Ebook To Understand 23 Job Opportunities For PhD Graduates



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