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There are many benefits to working as an online freelance writer. To name just a few – your working hours are flexible, you can choose the clients you work with, and in some cases, you can decide how much you want to work. You can also select the place in which you do your writing. However, where you write might significantly influence the quality and efficiency of your writing. For this reason, we have compiled this article with ideas on how to find the perfect writing space for freelance writers.

Whether you are running a blog while working full-time or earning money solely from freelance writing, the ambient you are in while writing is an important consideration that can affect your work’s quality.

That is why it is essential to have a dedicated writing space or at least specific criteria that have to be met if you are a digital nomad who is used to traveling to different cities while working. Furthermore, setting up your working space anew every time you have to write is, essentially, a waste of your precious time. Having an established routine should help you concentrate and be as productive as possible.Hence, it is not unimportant how your working space is organized. So, let’s take a look at how you can approach organizing a writing space for freelance writers.

Define a spot and use it only as your writing space

At face value, it might seem that any flat surface in your home or co-working space is a suitable place where you can ‘set up shop’. And yes, this is true to some extent. However, you should be aiming at creating a writing space for yourself so that you can not only write in but write effectively and productively.

So, the perfect writing space should be able to stimulate you and get your creative juices flowing. Choose a spot where you can focus, and use it only as your writing space. So, be sure to write in places or areas where there aren’t any distractions that could ruin your focus. For example, rather than writing at a desk, you might find that writing in your backyard or other similar outdoor space makes you much more focused, calm, or creative.

a freelance writer sitting in an indoor garden writing space
Some freelance writers prefer to work in their backyard or garden.

Can a good writing space for freelance writers be outside of my home?

Of course, this depends on your personal preferences. Many different spots may qualify as the (highly coveted) perfect writing space. Sure, writing on a train or in a cafe might be good enough when you are chasing a deadline. But, this kind of practice might make your job unnecessarily chaotic or uncomfortable in the long run.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t write on a train or in a restaurant. Sometimes, as freelance writers, we have no other choice but to write just about anywhere where we can place our laptops. However, making a habit out of this might make the thought of writing loaded with frustration or negative associations.

On the other hand, if you find a local cafe where you can focus, there is no reason why you shouldn’t write there. Just be sure to evaluate your writing efficiency in the given setting. It could be that you are falling behind with your work without even noticing it is happening.

How to create a productive writing space for freelance writers

So, you have decided on a writing space, either at home, in your backyard, or some place outside of your home. How can you adapt it to make it a perfect place for elevating your writing? Read on to find out.

Remove all distractions

As we mentioned, the writing space of your choice must be devoid of any potential distractions. Your writing area should be a stimulating, carefree zone where you can be in full focus for extended periods. So, as much as you enjoy writing in a cafe or a co-working space, if you find yourself chatting with people more than writing, then you need to rethink your decision to write there frequently.

You might also restrict your access to websites that might sway you to postpone your writing or distract you while you are working. In this way, you will not be tempted to watch the newest episode of your favorite series. Similarly, some writers keep their consumption of social media at a minimum while they are in the process of writing. Taking a break is fine, of course, but sometimes it may get out of hand and ruin your focus completely.

a freelance writer checking her social media at her writing space
Checking your social media might be detrimental to your writing process.

Redecorate your writing space by making it relaxing (but not too relaxing)

Your immediate surroundings can also be an important factor that determines your writing success. This means that your writing spot should be a soothing but not an overly relaxing place. For instance, working in your bedroom might affect your attention span negatively. You might be tempted to lie down, write, and take a quick nap, being so close to your bed. It is probably best for your writing if you remove any such temptations from your sight.

woman typing at an inadequate writing space for freelance writers
As enjoyable as it might seem, working in bed or on a sofa can be unproductive.

For starters, find a spot where there is a lot of natural light. If not, then make sure that you are writing in a well-lit room. Since you might spend most of your day working, it is important you do not strain your eyes too much.

If possible, choose to write in a room where you feel comfortable spending a lot of time. Most people prefer their writing space to be in a room that is painted in white or neutral colors (your eyes will appreciate this!). Additionally, investing in items such as a good home office chair for back support should make this room the perfect writing space for freelance writers.

Sophia Perry

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