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The majority of people love traveling, discovering new places, and gaining new experiences. Even when we’re not in a position to travel, we can travel in a way – through books. Reading about faraway lands can easily catch our imagination and turn us into curious explorers of the world. For each writer, travel is crucial to get a new perspective and find inspiration and motivation. In this article, you can read about the most inspiring places for writers in the world. Let’s see which cities share the love of literature and creativity.

Paris, France

Many expatriate writers sought inspiration in the City of Light, so let’s just name a few: Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. They loved living and writing their famous pieces in Paris. You can find inspiration for your own masterpiece while exploring the streets of the Latin Quarter. Stroll through the Saint-Germain-des-Pres area, which is still the epicenter of Parisian intellectual and cultural life. You’ll find house-museums devoted to many French writers, such as Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac. Furthermore, you’ll have plenty of museums and galleries to check out. All of this makes Paris a pilgrimage spot for writers.

Woman taking a photo of Eiffel Tower in Paris

London, England

London is one of the most legendary literary hubs of the world. Hence, you’ll have plenty of exciting sites and pastimes to explore. For the beginning, you can find special guides tours – London Walks. They include Shakespeare’s tour, Dickens’ tour, and the Literary London Pub Walk. You’ll walk the same streets as Jane Austin, Virginia Woolf, Agatha Christie, George Orwell, and many other famous writers from different eras.When you get tired from walking around, take a break in one of the inspiring cafes and then visit a British Library.

There’s a variety of artistic restaurants all around the city, where it’s breathtaking and quiet. Also, there are many parks across the city with exuberant greenery and a calm atmosphere. Places like those are just perfect for writing a new blog as your freelancer job or writing the beginning of a new novel.

London city - one of the most inspiring places for writers

St. Petersburg, Russia

This vibrant baroque and neoclassical style city is Russia’s cultural capital with a long and exciting literary history. You’ll undoubtedly find inspiration from visiting the residence of Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Another must-visit place for each perspective writer is The Aleksandr Pushkin Memorial Apartment Museum. Also, be sure to visit the nearby Literary Café on Nevsky Prospect. This famous writer used to dine there regularly.

While strolling the streets of this gorgeous town, you’ll marvel at amazing architecture, bright colors, and majestic palaces. Gogol and Turgenev also called this place home, as well as Mikhail Bulgakov for a period of time. For those who loved reading Lolita, we recommend visiting the Vladimir Nabokov Museum. It was created in the house in which the author was born. You’ll see his manuscripts, as well as drawings and butterfly collections. If you’re feeling stuck and need a new perspective for achieving your goals in life as well as in writing, St. Peterburg can be an excellent choice.

Washington D.C., USA

The U.S. capital is one of the most inspiring places for writers. Start discovering its bookish side at the Library of Congress, which is the world’s most extensive library. With a guided tour, you’ll see the Main Reading Room with stained glass, marble, and unique murals. You’ll also find many walking tours in the city. Some are associated with Walt Whitman and Langston Hughes.

Some bookstores in Washington D.C. host group book discussions and author events. If you plan your inspirational trip on time and conduct thorough research about the city’s events, you can also catch up with one of the Writer’s meet-up groups, Writer’s conferences, or various workshops and classes. When creativity starts to spark, you can visit the banks of the Potomac or the Georgetown campus, which are great and quiet writing spots.

Santiago, Chile

There is almost no writer in the world who is not familiar with the work of Pablo Neruda. His home, called La Chascona, is now a museum and a must-visit place for each writer seeking inspiration. While walking through Cerro Santa Lucia park, you’ll see a mural dedicated to Gabriela Mistral – another Nobel Prize-winning bard.

In Santiago, you’ll find many book-loving spaces. Café Literario, for example, offers not only books but also delicious food and a creative writing space. Santiago may surprise you; it’s a dynamic, energetic, and sophisticated city that inspired many artists.

If you feel adventurous, head to the hills surrounding the city and enjoy panoramic views of Santiago and the beautiful Andes as a backdrop. That’s one sure way to get your creative juices flowing.

Santiago de Chile, city panorama

Moving internationally to find permanent inspiration

We’re all different, and not all writers seek out the same landscapes or routines. Some are more inspired by the old-world charms of a city, while some prefer glamorous metropolitan areas. There are also those who may find more stimulation in a remote island on a tropical beach. Some will have better ideas near deserts or exotic lands, etc. If you find yourself falling in love with a particular place and decide to find a moving crew to help you relocate permanently to another country, do thorough research and find out all the crucial information about that area. To be adequately prepared for international moving, you should answer all these questions:

  • Where will you live and how much will it cost?
  • Will your writing be enough to earn a living in this place?
  • Do you need a visa or work permit?
  • What about your healthcare coverage?
  • Will it be convenient for your friends and family to visit you?

Before packing your bags and hiring international movers, be sure you’ve checked all of this.

The most inspiring places for writers are yours to discover

One of the best things about being a writer is the freedom to write wherever you want and whenever you want. Truth be told, not all places are the same when it comes to bringing out your best. That’s why you need to define what works for you. Think about the most inspiring places for writers in the world, and visit them when you have the opportunity. Until then, find your own creative haven and make the most out of your writing.

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