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Should I Get a PhD?


Think through. Be confirmative. Brave to take action.


There is a great deal of indecision about working or get a PhD. Should I get a PhD? It is all about your planning and decision.

If you’ve spent any of your minutes in your room thinking of whether you want to enter the workplace or thinking of should I get a PhD, you might’ve spend that time doing nothing. At the end, you only get frustrated with yourself.

We’re not here to provide any solution or tell you what should you do in this article. We’re here to inspire and share few perspectives regarding PhD to you, definitely not put you to sleep. Should I get a PhD? Here are the 5 reasons to get a PhD.

1. Transition from Working to Research is Tougher than You Think

You should know that working in a company and becoming a research student in a research lab is totally different. Although you can consider both positions as working, in deep, they are not the same. First, the experience will be very different when a student is jumping straight into a PhD program as compared to those who is going back to graduate school after working for few years. Research skill and working skill are totally different. For some people, it would be very difficult to go back to graduate school again. They might bound by the commitment and salary. You might lose enthusiasm once you start working. So, should I get a PhD? Yes. Go ahead if you like research. 

Should I Get a PhD?-EdiThumbs2. Funding is Always Available for PhD

There are many prestigious scholarships or studentships are available for PhD than Master and undergraduate programs. You don’t need to spend any penny or take loans for your PhD. You just need to try harder. Some PhD scholarships are comparable with the working salary. First, you should know your research interest before approaching any potential supervisors. Many hidden scholarships or funding are coming from your supervisors. Showcase your strengths, publications, awards, and conferences attended in your resume. So, should I get a PhD? Yes. Of course, you should if and only if you have funding.

Should I Get a PhD?-EdiThumbs3. Love Teaching and Research

A PhD degree is a must if you love teaching and doing research so much. Most of the industry job do not need a PhD degree. Only few scientific careers require PhD degree. If you cannot commit your time up to 3 to 5 years, probably getting a Master degree is sufficient. You should explore more on the career pathway of academia versus industry if you still under indecision state. As an academician or professor, you might need to raise fund for your research. Think twice. If you enjoy teaching and research so much, a strong chance you’ll be happy and motivated. If you don’t like them, don’t go for PhD as you will end so badly.

Should I Get a PhD?-EdiThumbs

4. Good Supervisor Make Your PhD Journey Happy and Fun

Getting a PhD is a serious matter to be considered. Getting a good supervisor is a lot like marrying your boyfriend or girlfriend. But, you might end up in a terrible divorce if you don’t like your supervisor. As mentioned many times before, you must discover your research interest before finding a supervisor. It can help you save a lot of time. Read their publications and profile first. You can also know their personalities based on the way they reply your email. Always remember that you have the right to interview them. Do communicate with their recent research students to understand your potential supervisor better. Never select the supervisor simply just because you are rushing to enroll into a PhD program. Find out the mutual understanding between you and your potential supervisor. In academic world, self-discipline, hard-working and good attitude will keep you in good stead.Should I Get a PhD?-EdiThumbs

5. Experience and Responsible

Pursuing a PhD is not about how smart you are. It is all about skills and experience. Becoming a research assistant in undergraduate or Master degree will enhance your research skills. You should take initiative to explore yourself. You should work very independently with minimum supervision. Be responsible in your PhD. It is not your supervisor responsibility to do the PhD for you. Your supervisor role is to advise and guide you throughout your PhD research. Don’t expect straight forward answers from your supervisor. In research, failure is normal. Never stop trying.

Should I Get a PhD?-EdiThumbsWrap Up

You can also use the above mentioned 5 reasons to test whether you are prepared to become a PhD student or not. If you agree with all the mentioned 5 reasons, it is believing that you are prepared to start a PhD.

Always remember that a PhD is a training ground to prepare yourself to become a successful and innovative researcher. Never look down to the value of the research that you are handled during your PhD. It can become a solution to solve global challenges. You should focus more on the impact of the research that you’re going to deliver instead of publications.

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Chiong Sie Jing

Sie Jing is an experienced proofreader and copyeditor with 8+ years of experience proofreading and editing for a variety of clients. He has helped many PhD students to publish their research in international journals with high impact factor. He is also a Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner (CIMP) & Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB).