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3 Tips To Use Your Voice As A Speaking Communication Tools When Making An Oral Research Presentation Or Public Speaking


What are the tips to use your voice as a speaking communication tools in viva voce or oral research presentation? Thesis or research paper showcases your academic research writing skills. However, an oral research presentation showcases your ability to defense your research at the same time provides a platform for you to share your research to your panels. Thus, you should use your voice as a speaking communication tools effectively when giving an oral research presentation, which will give an excellent impression to your panels and attract their attention to listen and know more about your research.

Tips To Use Your Voice As A Speaking Communication Tools In Viva Voce-EdiThumbs

Many postgraduate research students assume they need to keep talking while delivering an oral research presentation until the time is up, and that’s where lots of funny yet irritating filler phrases such as “ah”, “um”, “uh”, “er”, “you know”, “basically”, “so”, “anyway”, and “like” are pop out from your speech continuously.

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Er, so … you know, don’t worry. The following video tells you the 3 tips to prevent yourself from the filler phrases and use your voice as a speaking communication tools when delivering an oral research presentation or public speaking. Check it out!

A you can see from the video, just keep the content short, simple, and straight to the point. Your voice volume, tone of voice or voice modulation, and body languages are important when delivering an oral research presentation or known as public speaking. Don’t worry too much as practice makes perfect.

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Are you ready for your oral research presentation? If you have any other useful tips in your mind regarding effective oral research presentation, feel free to share it in the comments section below.



Chiong Sie Jing

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